Saturday, May 26, 2012

a day being princess of Sahara

firstly, i would personally wanna say thank you to GetGorgeous boutique for sponsoring my outfit for SJ Securities Launch at Holiday Villa,Subang Jaya. ok wait a min....why da hell i got sponsored? actually the emcee for the launch:) yeah....probably people will question..what actually im doing and so on? Some of my previous post which i think much more picture me as a career woman who so semAngat into media marketin.DANG! Like leaving my life to te

its all started wt my bestie, ting tong girl who similary have a lil koo koo in the head just like...who else if is not my beautifool celebrity aishah.
me,ainul and our make up artist~

yeah...this girl who i know her since my uni days...and we actually still doing our kinda 'thang' we are not depandable towards one another...but is jus us love to explore new things and share it. i can say we make a good tag team regardless in some bimbo jobs, entertainment or even corporate. not forgeting politics as well.huhu....( we both pernah jd emcee for Pidato Pemuda UMNO last year~ and it was good + a lil bit hilarious..LoL! yet we had so much fun)

We both been thinking to seek for more emcee job as our pass time~ u know..the payment is good for us to shop nway. lol. the thing with both of us...we do things at the very last minute..script start buat da nite before the actual event..but we still x de rasa cuak~ kekwat sgt! ala2 pro la konon...but ...event nk start lg 5mins...if we look at each other seriously....dua2 npk cuak and keep on reminding each other..jgn nk glabah sgt...if u glabah i

Event ran pretty smooth..ainul gave her best shot in her own outstanding performance as she been requested to sing at the event! *AWESOME* and im PROUD~ very the talented kwn aku sorank ni....huhu. i'm a lil bit quite than before cos u know...dh wearing Hijab keperibadian automatic kena kasi tukar skit..setiap tindak tanduk harus di perhatikan spaya imej baru aku ni x lah di salah sangka....well i even tot by wearing hijab i couldn't do such emceeing job~ i screwed it BIG time yaw...people know i can handle things and they welcome me more:) Alhamdulillah...

nway...yg penting smua looks SoooOooo Pwetty..i mean the girls~ ^_^' God Bless ya'll~

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