Saturday, May 5, 2012

GOSH!!! its Freaking MAY.....!!

I've been bz this particular time, when boredom strike out of sudden, mind is out of ideas and stuck with lots of pending proposals on my side. What do i suppose to do?? hmm... 1st let me describe my life in few days back...R E W I N D>>>>>>>>>> BooM! it was great! i got to lunch with Minister of Higher Education and me, myself and i was appointed to lead this kinda project called AUKU!! Its all sealed perfectly for me to work with my team and come out with a super dooperrr good prezzo,yaw~

too bad....i'm still thinking on the BIG IDEAS! ,...erkk.....its somewhere in my mind that just that a lil bit too hard to catch it. i think dah cam main kejar2 dlm my mind ni..*kejarMimpi* I went to Malacca last weekend and it was AWESOME! having my own time alone in hotel room and think creatively to execute client campaign.  walllAh~  Alhamdulillah..we did a good presentation last Monday to the whole media editors and now its time for me to make it IMPLEMENTATION to a real MARKET!

Campaign is targeted among all Uni students and also lecturers mainly la...cos u know now days student tend to get a lil bit too aggressive over politics and riots and sewaktu dengan nyer la. Not to say that, they cant join those politics agenda..but..come on fellow students, you were given chances to be a student so the main objective u should focus is ya bloody study and exams. But ada gak among them who actually fight the law and just do what ever they want and sanggup la membelakangkan their parents needs and dreams kan..

I had a good discussion over this issue of AUKU with Media and ministry. Yang aku x paham was ada gak wartawan sorank ni saje je nk menghangat kan keadaan pasal kes Bersih yg melibatkan pelajar. like helooww....its all back to law..yg dia sibuk nk menafikan law yg dah sedia ada tu kenapa?? Well, at that particular moment i gotta stared and listen to his bullshitness and i roll my eyes when he noticed that i didnt AGREED at any of his statement. But i remain silent..guess a lil bit to hard to fight with someone who think using his bloody 'kepala luntut' instead of his so called brilliant mind~ Ah! *kissYaOwnFreakinAss* ..opppss~ i tend to get a lil more sensetive nowdays when it come to politics issues~ hehe...maybe cos i know what do and dont about it...i mena about the whole things happen..erkk....wish i've my 5 yrs old mind who thinks about play land..barbie and dolls...and yeah..WATER COLORS! haha.

Time Bersih pon aku konon nyer larikan diri la out of the city where everybody pon seems to talk about it and it looks like there are still talking~ tp yg kelakarnya..tot lari ke Melacca i will hv a peaceful mind to do my work..i mean i did actually but guess what kat melaka pon ADA GROUP BERSIH arrr~~hahaha...siap aku dlm keta and golongan kuningan ni serbu aku ...dah la aku sorank dalam keta kat lalu plak belakang lorong hotel. Time tu plak golongan  kuningan ni tak tau dtg dari pana reramai serbu jln aku lalu tu..wuahhhh!!! takottt!! dgn pantas myself is looking for sumthing yellowish so i can actually act like i'm one of them..hahah..psycho x psycho la~ but God knows what i really feel at that moment. Color Kuning x jumpe so aku terpaksa la buat Muke konon comey sambil buat "PEACE' no war

                                                     ni dia muke org x bersalah..*innocent*

So you all out there, who actually think wanna join riots ke ape ke..paham dulu what the true agenda behind all this. For me, bersyukurlah we lives in such a peaceful country even thou dalam diri ni sometimes ada je rasa unfairness but i'm truly blessed with all that i have..good family,nice fwens and VERY the peaceful country. if nak berkire every bit and pieces seriously sampai bile2 pon kite rasa x [uas hati..sbb tu la MANUSIA...benda depan mata x bersyukur if ada yg rosak or ilang in oneself baru la nk menyesal kan..huhu~ let us think about ourself 1st then it will lead us to become more responsible citizen..insyAllah. hee~ All da best to me and to u ols aite...Salam Bersih.hehe

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