Monday, May 14, 2012

this is wierd...really weirrrd

Golf GTI or peugeut 308?? thats what been running thro my bf's mind. And ni la nak racun dia angkat je la Golf tu..hehe...i just feeeeeelllll soooo bloody weird if he actually choose peuguet! Thats because 2 of my Exs using Peuguet Car and obviously i know its condition! after awhile been with that car, mula la start comment tu ini..and its a same comment from both of them...... Suddenly, my current bf were telling me that he kind of confused what to choose for his new brand car...its either Golf GTI or Peuguet 309?? i'm likeeee plssss plsss....go for GOLF GTI or some other car but not peuguet ^_^' sigh!

donno la how to face this crap but its just me.....that couldn;t. but after all its his decision to make so...and what ever make him happy..i'll try my best to feel the same way toooo =) thats about it! peace-

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