Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love and Responsibility *pt4* - The Returns

Jemaah yang lain smua dah gerak ke Madinah peacefully. Bagus la least we dont hold them back cos of our mistakes kan.. Mama even talked to Ustaz to proceed with others and she will take responsibility to end our Umrah journey to Madinah. Just wait for Kak odah to get back or dapat cari dia later after Asar. We been given a room to stay for awhile kat hotel tu and pray for Asar. I was crying through out my prayer and on my last sujud i actually panjangkan doa for me to have believes back and gain my strength plus tegar atas ape yg berlaku and ditetapkan oleh-Nya. Sundenly....mama phone rang. It was fezal who stayed downstairs at the Hotel Lobby while mama and i kat bilik solat Asar. He said Kak Odah dah balik~

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahiwabarak'atu~ and i end my Asar prayer. Mama ran to me and hugged me telling Kak Odah is here..she's coming prayed been materialized~ syukran Al-Jaziran...whee....sumpah! rasa released sgt and tunduk pada Kekuasaan Allah SWT!! seriously....i do....all worried gone and we are really glad kak odah is back safely.

So, lessons learned.We should not take things for granted. We should have a sense of appreciation . Remember, everything is life is temporary. So if things is going good, Alhadulillah and we should enjoy it as it wont last forever. And if things down't goes well, not to worry,thou,. It wont last forever either. Tuhan tu kan Maha Kaya lagi Maha Mengetahui. Tanamkanlah chenta di hati kerana Dia cos at the end its only Him can help us go through it.

Sayanglah org yg kite btul2 care about seadanya even thou they treat us like shitz!Cos in the future we never knows if that kinda person gone 1st than us at least we never feel regrets cos we have make the best out of our time given and life wt them. Been there and i'm still doing it at this kinda lifetime given to me............... Alhamdulillah~


heee....the loving & Ting Tong purdah girl

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