Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love and Responsibility *pt1* - The characters

SubahannAllah! the Most valuable thing in one person is LOVE. And Alhamdulillah i gotta said that me, myself and I are fulled with loves yet to gives. I think hati ini senang sangat tersentuh when it comes to someone who close to me, especially my family, love ones and close friends.Everybody feels that aite? Benda salah sikit je pun, but obviously we tend to take it way tooooo personal. hee...thats a truly human behavior and here i would like to share my kinda story based on my experienced recently back on my Umrah trip....

Basically, I'd been an observer through out the trip. I love travelling so much cos it will somehow open my mind to think beyond the other part of world and geting to know more about human behaviors~ On this trip, not the whole family went. Its just me, My brother, Mama and the old lady that worked with us for more than 30yrs, Kak Odah(she's our Kakak rumah).hehe. I remembered my other siblings pesanan whereby we should take care among each other. And my sista personally came to me and said she was a bit worried about kak Odah. She begging me to put an eyes on that old lady since this is her 1st time going far out of Malaysia. You see guys, cos of the bond between us all with Kak Odah been there for quite sumtimes...she the one who take care of us 5 Beradiks, mandikan, susukan, masakkan for us and seeing us grew up while our parent those days was totally bz with works and finding Money. She actually know us very well cos she is my mom and dad rite hand person in handling their super crazy and hilarious kids...well...who end up jadi manusia gak semua..and successful in whatever we are perusing in.ahaks~

30 Magnificent Years servicing our kinda family and never failed to do it. In fact we are so proud to have her in our family...i mean we actually welcome her as our elderly. That's AWESOME!And for that, Mama invited her to follow us to Umrah. I know deep down inside her she wanna go there someday..we been talking about it for the past few years but masing2 pon bz semacam with study, career and works..and now its about time when everything pon perfectly stable at the moment, nak look after her for 2 weeks ape la sgt kan for us~ eceyh~ huhu

Everything went very well at 1st. we doing it all good in every of our amalan then. We Focused and at the same time learn to accept our new surrounding. somehow we get adapted wt it. But for Kak Odah, its a whole new things seeing lotsa people and such hectic surrounding. Ye tu duduk umah je all this while, bersihkan umah, jaga umah and jaga all the kuntuts.( my sis's children). Rite at the end of our day in Mekkah...jeng jeng cames the drama part of our trip....and Kak Odah was actually the Main Character ..hahaha. On top of everything, I actually got to know more about my brother, Mama and Kak Odah. Segala nyer Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui and Tuhan nak tunjuk at that particular moment revealed who is truly us indeed. MasyAllah~ i cried like mad...i donno where should i turn to knowing that on this trip I'm always be the voice of minority..u know la, being adik and i'm a girl plak tu...smua nyer dgr ckp my brother.aish~

Before we proceed with our Final Tawaf, Tawaf Wida and saying goodbye to Mekkah

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