Sunday, April 8, 2012

saat aku melihat aku..

ok..this post i think gonna be a lil bit funny nd confusing..well, now that everybody know that im officially on hijab for good, alhamdulillah. senang gak la hati to proeed wt life nowdays. yet...jauh di sudut hati im kind of miss to wear certain of my dresses, with colorful earings...and get lose of my long wavy hair....

seriously, i tend yo appreciate myself more,thou. slowly i learn and change to a better me. everytime kluar sure pakai tudung colorful..hehee..and actually make use of my recycle fancy scarf that i used to hang it on my neck all this while..ala2 cam style jepun2 la :) tp di saat aku blk and masuk bilik and open up my hijab, i can say..thats the moment when i actually appreciate the most of myself. u know.....when kite slowly bukak our hijab and untie kan sanggul..there goes my hair slowly unfold...and i look at myself in the mirror...This is me.....this is linda who people used to see...and now i reserve it for someone who i think deserve to see the real me :) hmm..there goes si linda ni...practically going out always berhijab nowdays...insyallah.hee *still learning*

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