Saturday, January 19, 2013

kenduri kendara~

having a kenduri isnt a new thing in my family. since im small, my parents always threw birthday parties...kenduri keayukuran, doa selamat..tahlil and ..yeah all celebrations indeed. hehe..myself and whole my siblings i guess dh adapt wt this kinda keramaian...mix with people from different ages is benda my fwens are fwens wt my bros and mama knows i think nearly all of my fwens..hee.

myself as well friends and communicate wt mama's fwens, sis's fwen and my brothers' fwens. isnt that awesome?? huhu. yes it is. all the connections we had totally sumthing that we could count and respect on.

today, mama did a kenduri calling all her biro2 masjid al-rahman to attend a small celebration (trust mom called it small but i think ita HuGe) lol...doa selamat on her 58th birthday, tahlil for abah and our families member yg lain...and od course for future undertaking..rezki....jodoh..yada...yada.....

pak cik..imam masjid...makcik...aunties...uncles...friends...relatives are all gathered together. setiap saat aku memerhatikan everyone and sumpah..i can see in every faces lay a wonder happy smile. Alhamdulillah. the feeling of seeing people enjoyed the food and the awesome get together moment really made me felt so blessed be in such a wonderful surrounding. from babies to a wrickles women....i did what i supposed to do. Ya Allah..tiap tetamu yg hadir tu adalah doa sejahtera untuk family aku ni. syukran al jaziran~
ada sorank mak cik ni la...kawan to my mother.guess she always went to masjid wt mama (gank masjid la kot) ...she came to me shaked hand with me and lama tul dia pegang tangan aku ni....sambil bertanya itu ini...but the one question she did asked me was..."awak anak hj Ani ni yg dulu sakit ke?" like seriously??? seriously ke im famous among mama's fwen? huhu.

to be was really a hard time for mama to went thro back then. And this mak usap kepala i..."Alhamdulillah..anak dh sihat...makin lawa plak tu" (perlu ke aku mention kat sini) ....and dia sambung..."cari jodoh dgn org yg btul2 menerima kite seadanya ye nak"...dah tu..dia siap bacakan doa depan muke aku ni...and cium dahi aku and said.." moga panjang umur and murah rezeki...assalamualaikum"... *confused* ni dh cam my birthday doa slamat la plak kan~ hehe

to be was a great celebration :) more barakah to my family and may God always bless us with wonderful things in His world . Amin.

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