Thursday, January 31, 2013

just a thought

today i think is not quite a productive day to me. 1st cos my proposition to client been rejected and secondly im atill stuck with this flu and caughing virus..its been almost 2weeks..all vitamins and pills been taken just nk baik cepat...guess its a sign from God kot for me to take a lil break from my works. week to week i've been working on 3 projects at the same time... 1 is obviously been rejected today..will see for another 2 more to be present soon..huhu.

And so in the evening i went to meet my doc again. kali ni amik ubat paling power...bak kata my bf. tot of makan my fav cendol and laksa bawah pokok somewherr near my house but too bad the kakak wt her van doesn't turn out to be at the same place. so, i went and makan shushi alone~

my brain is always functioning ..thinking bout job and such...but being alone this time im actually adapt wt whatever situation i came across. i pick a table at the corner of the sushi king. order my fav salmon sushi and enjoying looking around me till im focusing on this sushi manager. He smiled at me and i think probably he will be saying sumthing like... "kesian nyer budak ni..muke pucat and mkn sorank2"...but what im actually thinking was..."syok ke keja as manager kedai". this sponteneous thought happen in my mind cos what i see la...this guy just duduk caunter and everytime people masuk he will always pronounce 'ohaiyooo'...(dgn nada gumbira sgt)....hmm..then..dia bukak almari kire stok tisu..then gi kat tray kire the shushi stok kot...then casher duty on. and he did da same thing another 30mins. OmG! u guys must be thinking that i've no works just to lepak mkn sushi lelama kan...snap it! this is how im actually memuasabahkan diri...(btul ke ejaan aku ni..hee)

i used to think what if my life is not my life rite now? what if i actually only working and manage a shop and doing the same thing everyday...last time i always think and i wanted a life like what i have now...SubahannAllah...ape yg kite nk jd tuhan beri jua..its just that kite perasan atau tak kan~ and if we know it than Alhamdulillah..and thank to the Almighty God to giving us the kind of life we wanted sbb dia tau how strong seorang hamba tu can take His ujian. MasyAllah...sometimes we just hv to look around us and we know where we actually stand. *tunduk diri*

#justsharin je~ xx

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