Monday, January 7, 2013


i never been to Paris. all i know is a romantic city and i've this lil notty wish in my teenage years to have a wonderful French Kiss in front of effile tower..of course wt my hubby. but i happen went to Paris with my family~ @$!^#* kill that lil wish of yours, Linda)!(*#₩€=£《¤ hehe

Paris in my own words i would say...

1. kota romantik
2. Fashion city
3. Top designer collections
4. its a historical city
5. An art
6. smua muke stok model je...dari the one yg jd promoter for butik and kedai makan...*unique*

what in da world i could ever imagine celebrating my new year in Paris!! Like is happening.. *double slapps* !! the best was just me , mama and my lil bro!! mama told me once, the place that i standing was actually a same place as my late dad were capturing her photo. aww~ i donno i've my dad's vission to see whats da best angle to capture the image.huhu... memories after memories been told....thats the city my mama and abah were dating those days~ ♥

If i were to have the same thing  to tell my kids..i will tell them...cyberjaya je tempat we all dating...x jauh pon~ haha. dasyat tul dating sampai ke paris...guess its during my mom study years in London~  beside side seeing, we did travel to a small town ..choisy Le Roy where we stay at. it is simple and a friendly town i can said.

Shopping was fantastic!!! others was great.....i officially fall in Love wt paris~ ♥

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