Friday, May 21, 2010

Adam the Musical

Last wednesday, i'd planned to watched this theater called Adam The Musical at actor's Studio. Its been awhile i did go and watch theater ever since i started working...oh maybe 2 3 times i think...I've been invited by Fairuz Tauhid a friend of mine who happen to be one of the cast. Happen to know Fairuz back then when we had joined Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. It was quite an experience to me...The feeling to be back on the center stage to get involves in performaing arts once again is still and always there somewhere in me. well...i believes time change all of us aite..

I really wanted to see this Adam musical theater cos it has such an intresting storylines. The stories indirectly show the past, present and the future of Sylvia (main character) if she chooses to still marry the sleeping Adam cos he's not well.....

Sylvia spirals down an emotional roller coaster, as her inability to believe how lucky she been to find Adam now is confirmed. She moves through friends, family and strangers; their stories of life, death, and surviving provide comfort, horror and love. As for Adam, he is about the dangerous time we live in, of suspicion and fear of people and things we dont know. Its about compassion and strength and how these qualities can turn the bleakest days into one with light even if it is just a faint one.

Adam is about finding true love, and knowing that we can be very lucky after all....

A very great production team directed by Joe Hasham OAM, produced by Faridah Merican, written by Mark Beau De Silva and the wonderful casts. All the characters are so good from their own unique expression up to delivering the whole message of the play. Who ever watch this play i can say they are lying if they said that they didn't even cry atleast once through out the play. Its so touched and emorional yet there are slightly lil jokes here and there which will encounter back on the whole play for it not to be too heavily emotional.

The message is clearly delivered and i found it somehow had touch a lil bit on my life journey as well. It is a good play...and its still on till June 20th!! hurry! or u'll missed it.

Oh ya...the best part of dearie Shaz is the one accompanied me to this play even though she wasn't feeling well that time. She was on MC actually..but i persuade her to follow me...and she's enjoyed it so MUCH! she baught the play's CD and programme book. I told he that i used to did my pratical in actor's studio as assist graphic designer and i was so eager to meet Farida Merican, my ex-employer! Guess what?? she did remembered was in 2006 i did my practical there...another interesting experience to me,thou=)

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