Sunday, December 13, 2009

Black and WHITE photo contest!!

Hey you all...A blogger fwen of mine just create a photo contest! so...i'm sO positively wanna Join..suka-suki je. Support her contest as i always have a heart for photography;) if u wanna know more bout the contest just click on this LINK

This is my personal portret in Black and White:) oh yead..the meaning is deep only my self and the one who can see the inner shadow of me knows what i'm trying to tell in this photo of mine. A smile that tells a clueless massage.....


  1. aiyoo...i x masok nak menang..suka suki..just to get experience and support my blogger's fwen;)
    if i menang pon...u amik la what ever rewards tu;p

  2. I <3 your bagaikan puteri video
    it's awesome!


  3. thanks angel:) me too lovin it!