Saturday, September 1, 2012

everyday i learn sumthing....

Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem..

Assalamualaikum blog lover readers~ still on My Raya, any open house that i can just crash in?? haha...(well, used to be a party crasher back on my those "jahiliyah' study years) haha~ Actually i've several open house invitations that i have to attend..not must attend ye~ Eventually if i were to think back, i cant make my time for what i did is pick the most important among those invites. hehe...and of course i gotta dahulu kan my only Mama yg out of nowhere knocking my room door this morning and telling me that I'm gonna teman her to his Friend's house who is Datin Halema, her ustazah for her Quran group. There i go...without any..'uhh~...ala.....why me??'.....and all i did was.. "ok mama, will follow u~'

Once i've been to Ustazah's house for some of her cucu's function last time, and all i remembered she had a corner with high antique cupboard full with BOOKS!!! (last time slaloo keluarga pandai2 ni) haha..i love books..i love reading..the feeling of going to Ustazah's house is not bout nak makan those raya food..the excitement just like i was going to a library! was FUN~

"Seeking knowledge is mandatory to every Muslim" - Prophet Muhammad saw

From the quote above, words come to mind in this book~

Why my eyes first spotted this kinda book where there are several others rite in front of my eyes?? My instinct said it i open the book i know definitely mama  who is sitting at the other corner bz chitchating with her friends and all, wouldn't mind me to read this book. But to think back aku ni dtg beraya x kan la nk spend time reading ..wah..anti-social is not me btw..but i'm stuck with the insights that at the glance i know it is a good book to read about. 

Nak baca sampai abis x dapat la i'm reading it sambil makan kuih raya je and few of kerepek2 and put a bit of borak2 with some other girls who eventually i donno who they are..haha. I flipped over to the chapter that caught my eyes. (it has 16 chapters all together...seriously im not a robot to read it between 1 hour time) haha

i turn to this 2 chapters that somehow bombarded me with a lil tears and gratitude...

Chapter 14, MARRIAGE. It implies the blessings and love that Allah SWT has bestowed upon women. Here, the book gives me a brief narrative about men treated women during zaman jahiliyah dulu-dulu. Suhannallah~ If all of the the women nowdays knew how hard it was living and survive dalam era before Islam. MaysAllah, all of them would pray crying to Allah SWT thanking him for raising our status as women status this high and giving us rights..and i must say even the non-muslim, you would be thankful for Islam. huhu.. ok to add on on marriage..i come across this meaningful quote..

"The most hated of permissible things to Allah SWT is DIVORCE" - Sunan Ibn Majah

Chapter 16, where it talks about the correct islamic dress and Husband's rights. Basically, this book brings and talks about great deal of Islamic worship. It doesn't really just define the correct islamic dress but explains why such condition should be reached when having Hijab on. Indeed, its all about how we actually blend with our social surrounding and environment. i guess so~ 

Also in this chapter, the husband's right is DISCUSSED, it's a very fascinating issue but all i can say is that we as Muslim Women should strive to be a righteous woman, and we can't be one, if we are disobedient to our husbands. Just like one of the quotes that i tend to captured on my bb..haha

" A women is an accountable individual just as a man is. She is obliged to seek knowledge of her duties so that she may perform them properly" - Ibn A;-Jawzi

so, to my Dearest Sisters andbrothers in Islam...May Allah SWT keep us all in one faith, Islam and increase our knowledge plus strengthen our iman~

p/s: nakkkkk bacaaa buku ni..i want this boook i want it i want it!!!! ^_^girls pls has a magnificent insights :) whee.  

peace :) xx

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