Thursday, August 30, 2012


"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind...War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today."

-- John F. Kennedy

I'm writing my post on the nite of MERDEKA day. Let me rewind back to 55 yrs ago...where am i.???..duhhh...obviously i'm not out yet to this wonderful world to be specific to this lovely motherland of TANAH add on my mama pon x kuar lagi from my nenek nyer perut ^_^... but the one i always remembered was my dad story upon Merdeka. He was a bout 17 or 18 cam tu dad was born on 1934.  He experienced and witness the era of achieving Independent. *awesome* 

Every Merdeka, kalau tgk TV iklan petronas time kecik2 dulu...he always told us how things were sooooooo freaking different back then. Petronas TVC was sumthing similar la..but the feeling nowdays is totally different. (time tu mmg zaman aku slalu tgk Doremon..and i even told my arwah abah then if there was a pintu ajaib doremon i would fly to that era just catch the feel) haha...that was those days when abah was still around. 

Sometimes syok gak tau pasal sejarah silam smua ni..(ckp cam suke sgt mata pejaran sejarah time sekolah dulu kan..hell no! to be frank aku la org slalo tido time class sejarah) nak2 bile tgk zaman skang smua nyer dah senang, indah berlaka and the value of appreciation in oneself is lacking day by day. The direction or agenda Negara is not the same as what we hold since our MERDEKA day last time..well..i know some people suka kan pembaharuan but hey...reality check...we leave in such a peace and harmony country. Zaman dulu nak kuar umah pon takot sbb penjajah dengan senapang nyer smua...if u cant imagine..look at the real scenario happen in middle east country. Poor thang..when i look at them...seriously my heart always Bersyukur la sgt2...atleast i can drive peacefully outside doing my work..friends will many races. semua tu just GREAT and I LOVE IT. and every of my sujud i would never forget to thank the Almighty for this peaceful, lovely and amazing country.

JANJI DI TEPATI.....Is our so called tag line or propaganda for our 55th Merdeka?? MasyAllah...klo kot ye pon u is just a freaking tagline/phrase...we as Malaysians have to look beyond the the truth meaning of our MERDEKA. then....u can feel it~ like really the semangatest in celebrating our own independent day! MALAYSIA BOLEH. Kalau dulu time la masa nyer nak melepakkan diri with fwens sbb esok CUTiiiiiii!!~ hahaha..standard i tend to appreciate in every angle in celebrating my blogging la kot ^_^....

Well people, Salam M.E.R.D.E.K.A to all my lovely Malaysians..and to who ever fell in love with our country as well la :) and you know what...i love Malaysia up till to have this imagination to be the 1st Women Prime Minister. hahaha...    * dream on* 

peace! xoxo~

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