Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Career Growth ^_^

i think is about time for me to move forward for a better offer. How do we actually know that we are ready to just for our own kinda work? cos as i know being employed is the easiest way to survive in this world rather then built up our everyday life by doing our own business rite? ehem* wait a minute....hmm...i'm the one who always do my own thing regardless in any situation. i think la....~

Last week my GM..i mean my direct boss resign. And today my colleague who i used to work together going to leave the company 2moro. it is a sad thing but deep in my heart i know when the moment comes everybody will choose for a better life....and so they grow their own experience in another path :)

jeng jeng jeng....actually just nk bgtau...i'm also telah disunting ^_^...aww~ i mean got offered to much more BIGGER PLATFORM..BIGGER POSITION...BIGGER COMPANY....BIGGER..and Bigger and smua nyer la big...hahaha....Alhamdulillah. but.....tu la still dlm persoalan. 

Chup! if u ols ada peluang to starts ya own business (good networking + capital) would u go for an offer to be employed again??? Gosh! the world is so big out there and if we are confidently prepare to face it ...y not taking chances by concentrating doing it with ya own effort kan? ( of course the nearest people to me always said..."jgn nak confident sgt la") wah! ckp mmg la senang aku ni kan....but when we jump into it..My God! its look like im not gonna settle down before I'm 30! NoOoOooooo~:( ...thats the most thing i scared about~ haha 

ok lets get back my focus.... WHAT DO I REALLY WANT OUT OF MY LIFE?? ok linda ..keep on mentioning it till to the top of ya head....look  for the answer at the bottom of ya heart.~ tuuttttttt...*blank* haha...

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