Friday, August 3, 2012

what an Opening month~

Am i funny? or crazy? i think i've a bit koo koo in da head,thou...i was practically down couple of days before..u know life caught up with work stress plus relationship is just Huh!! cant believe it~ *roll eyes*
used to call up my bunch of fwens to hang out...but to think back...makin besar kawan makin kurang jeee~ i mean the trusted fwen..smua cam dh jumpe pasangan idup masing je aku tgk..and happily ever after.huhu
to add on to my crazy life...seyes my life jadi haru biru lagi cos my freaking BB gi holiday plak ke singapore...well ..not really holiday la...dia pi buat transplant.haha..( send for service at BB HQ) and so..left me alone here feeling so empty and redha!~ :(
there are pro and cons la having BB and not having pretty simple..back to those days...focus in my real life time and of course real human behavior to deal wt. *awesome*...of course no BB less drama kan...
and so...i stuck with 2 old handfon...Sony ericson Z601i Pink color and my adik nyer samsung no series(a small analog fon)....but i chose to use the samsung rather then using my Sony Ericson the one i got as present those days ^_^'

so here comes the funny part of my day.....todAY i gotta send some parcel la cos i actually sell off some of my pre-love stuffs. went to pejabat pos ngan blur2 la..selama 15 thn duduk kat PJ ni...pejabat pos yang sekakang kera ngan rumah pon x pernah pegi. ape ntah lagi pos surat...huhu. this time around kena pos gak sbb minah yg beli my stuffs ni duduk kat seremban..else i'm da one can just drive to send the items. dah lew blur2 nk ke counter and ask what to do...the next funny thing was when  i beratur at the counter suddenly i heard somebody phone ringing...
cliiickkkk....cliiickkk....cliiiickk... (its sooo irritating...u know la mono tone nyer ring tone kan)
and i was la....cepat la org depan ni cam nk lelama plak pos my heart i was saying...."phone sape plak memekak pepagi depan lembab semacam plak" AISHH......sabar je la kan...(sambil kawalan ketat muke tak kuasa sgt kan) lol

I look rite and left....and the phone keep on ringing lagi....then someone from my left looked at me..and buat muke "whats up bro!" looked at him...he smiling at me and said "cam byk je nk pos barang"...ok now what..trying to be fiendly dlm keadaan aku ngah rimas sbb kena beratur and somebody fon x berangkat ni~ mmg tak laa...~

and i smiled je back to him. and then he said..."i think ya fon is ringing"....baru je nk bukak mulut nk menidakkan statement mamat ni..laju je otak aku pk....ya ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! its my adik nyer samsung fon i borrowed... damN!! i tot im still using my BB with cristina peri ringtone on it!! nk tak nak....i gotta out from the line and kluar pejabat pos tu and jawab fon!
*i swear to God..thats the mosttt MALU MOMENT*

As i walked in back into the pejabat ppos...all eyes on me...all i did was... excuse me...(sambil buat muke budget "hello kitty" aku yg kunun cute arr.. trying my best to masuk line blk...) ada gak mata2 yg x berkenan cara aku..but this abg yg tegur me save my kinda place. hehe..womans got to do what she got to do~ PEACE!
:) hahaha

(guess i shall buy my own gift for my birthday...samasung s3 or iphone 4s??) 

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