Monday, August 6, 2012

i love my FRIENDS~ all the miss gone. its been quite sumtimes i couldnt make my time for my 2nd family and a place where we all built our happy and lively memories. Ya all truly blessed di anugerahkan such a good friends indeed. syukur kerna  at last i made my time to attend our port luck iftar at Mr. Didi'S.

As usual, im the one came late....i mean very berryyy late. kalau nk ikutkan at 1st told DD that i probably couldn't join them as i've some urgency on my ministry project. then i personally called him telling i might be coming for moreh. plan buke i came for moreh.haha

the time i got there everybody was concerntrating on badminton olympic...LCW vs Lindan...btul2 time suspen where by it only left another few minutes to end. but yeah..Malaysia 2nd place..ok least malaysia ke final. congrats arr~ and so the catching up session began....

serioussssss i miss those faces and really happy sgt2 ye got a chance to meet think back... where am i all this while? nk ckp kawin..blum lg...and serius x npk pon nk kawin...truly i was pretty bz wt job. plg2 if ajak lepak all i said is....InsyAllah~ tu confirm2 its like 20% they would probably see my face. And today...sampai they all were saying ...beting among them.."linda sure x muncul nyer la".... ta daaaaa~ i'm there! Huhu

sorry guys....u should know....that im really missing catching up wt u ols....klo bley smua pon aku nk by one dtg to update my kinda story....well, lately...i mean i actually distant myself from this group of mine.....even on social networking i keep myself all silent. wish they know what im facing rite now.....some of them does...alhamdulillah...i still hv that kinda fwens who actually concern and updates about each other.

All of them blk awal...but i stay up till 12 mid nite sumthing.....kemas2 rumag si bujang ni kan..basuh pinggan mangguk bagai smua.huhu..and capturing the life ive been missing all this while...plan our agenda on upcoming fwens hippie plan...ya so looking forward for it. InsyAllah if x de pape i would really wanna join them....well..sebelum smua kawin let us go for 1 trip that will bring out the good times in the future kan...*awesome* and sebelum myself offically stuck wt commitment....better enjoy as it is kan kan...~

i think i will sleep heavenly. serious by looking at those smiles....enjoyful faces....the prob in me smua ilang. cam ada rasa  im getting my kinda life back. Alhamdulillah sgt2~ :> syukran al-jazirann sgt!!

Those fwens who really means a lot to me~ 

hmm...i missing each and everyone of them. Commitment and responsoibility make us a bit distance nowdays...but just would like to express my feeling and really want u guys know that...those memories , laughter, fighting and happiness would never ever fade in my far la~ hehe...If i were to go back to my pass i would be choosing a life with my fwens where prob seems sooooo far away and all we did is enjoy the world as it is....i mean ada la problem with fwens dulu2 but its just there and then...the friendship is so strong buat mistakes kena nganjeng depan2 pon serious x der hurt feeling if we actually just being ourselves and we do accept the flaws in each other. cayalah~ 

InsyAllah...this November we will meet again in a big one of our close fwen is getting marry...its not the end for all of us..its actually a new beginning~ 

miss ya all so much! xoxo 

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