Friday, August 24, 2012

syokk nyerr RAYA!!

i seriously never been this enjoy celebrating raya bile time2 dah besar cam skang ni..(ehem* baru sodar keee aku ni dh besar) haha...well as far as im concern la this raya i've made myself fully available for my FAMILY. haa...over the yearts...mmg la TERSGT bz with lots of jemputan during 1st week of Raya kan and im the one who usually really keen lank gi smua....BUT this raya i keep it SEMPOI...TIME WITH MY FAMILY je....and welcoming people to my house!the feeling of seeing people came tu truly gave me such honored and bliss...Ya BarakAllah~ the feeling its so AMAZING. nak2 when they enjoy the food, the talks and laughter. i actually captured those small2 things happen around me and there goes smiling and Alhamdulillah~ ^_^

Welcoming mama's siblings, our cousins to our house. tadaaa~ this isn't complete baru x sampai quarter.huhu. 

The best part of all, im actually happy to see budak2 smilling when they received their duit raya. Mama and All my siblings bagi duit raya kat cousins yang kecik2 ni...whee~ (our time to receive those colorful ampaw are over dah~) the feeling og giving is much more BEST wooo dari receiving....SONOKK nyerrr!~

haaaa~ i absulutely agree with the quotes of "Tangan yang memberi..lebih baik dari yang Menerima" huhu...those yang bg ampaw tu actually they giving not just money..they giving life and smile to others.Sonokk la raye dia kan~ lol

1st, 2nd and 3rd day standard la kaum keluarga yang ziarah2 sama sendri....cousins met cousins...aunties and uncles...this is the time what ever story i've been missed all this while they probably gonna brought it up and spice it up in terms of jokes around and yada..yada...hee.

Yesterday was the finest day in celebrating my Raya cos i'm invited my Clients, friends..long lost friends and who ever think la im still her fwen dtg la my house..haha..I madeLaksa Johor....(the easiest dish to make in welcoming my friends..and of course Mama was the one who monitor and did some extra cooking like Nasi Minyak and nasi empit with kuah kacang) hee~

my ex-colleagues from Media Prima...and both recently got married ..aww~^_^' 1st time la ni baraya as husband and Wife :)

standard la me and wani with the used of her beloved husband's camera...what else to end their visits ..taking pictures la kan..huhu.


The one who really can layan my tng tongness~ lol

my long lost girlfwens~ Alhamdulillah...raya ni menyatukan we all balik...well...time contrains make us bz with life. Sikin the bride to be soon and the middle one is Shara a.k.a lenchumi~ lol (these 2 girls really made my day when ever both of them with me...ado je benda nk gelak sakan)

peneman setia buat keja2 umah with me...haha. He's my best buddy rite from my creative works back in MMU time till being a good friend in my career world. and soon he's gonna marry with his childhood family friend. AWESOME!! (serious i cant wait for ya big day Mr. Ron)huhu~ InsyAllah..

He came on My 2nd day and 5th Day of Raya makan2 at my house. *awesome*

A lady who taught me to be a real women... (masok dapur hiris bawang, potong timun, daun itu ini..blend ikan,blend halia, goreng2...segala benda la..and at the same time always warned me not to SING while in the kitchen) lol.... donno that my mom believes in those PETUA org tua2..haha

well...konklusi nyer...i'm so all blessed in welcoming my guests to my house as what i believes is thateach and everyone who came actually membawa seribu RAHMAT to me and family and x silap la kan...i heard my late dad said last time when our tetamu balik they eventually will hapuskan dosa2 we ols seisi keluarga. InsyAllah...and that is why..somehow i will always treat my guests yang dtg semulia yang mungkin..eceyh~ 

Ok.Whats next? doone with my AMAZING raya FEVER...gotta tune on my mind, emotion and good psychical to welcome back my DUTY next week....ZzZzZZzzzzz....*yawning* (that goes to my duty back at office but dealing with ministry im so UP for it) lol~


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