Friday, August 3, 2012

Bringing the sunlight ~

Oh hello people...this is my so call announcement..i mean for the 1st time ni nk buat announcement.hee.. i might starting my new sideline job as an editor to a new line magazine.. i mean i got proposed to handle this one column in inspire readers..wahh gitu kan~ So who ever love reading my super dooper ting tong post just for entertainment support me as i need your positive believes that i can do this..huhu! atmleast giving out and sprate the positives vibe to my own comunity and nations...(asal cam rasa aku ni semangat anak bangsa je ni...) lol. x pe asalkan "JANJI DITEPATI" Hehe~ InsyAllah...berkat doa and ya believes i wont let u down/eceyh~ i will talk more about the new magazine in town soon!~ nantikan..... 

p/s: i love my job :)

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