Saturday, August 4, 2012


I would like to share something that really rang my life alarm and things that touches my heart indeed~ As we grow up we face lots of things, problems and not forgetting gotta deal with chaotic life. Of course at the same time enjoy the whole happening activities which literally gives us a good time.

well..something trigger me today after i got practically a 2 same news that make me somehow look back on what ever lack in me and for me to welcome my future. (REALITY CHECK) basically i've been bz all this while making good perks out of my life...just to catch my own mission in finding a happiness in life. Its not about Money actually..its about making different in my life, family and surrounding. but actually i guess i tend to over look whats most important in our life. Ya Allah...seriously...the news really trigger my alarm once again.

I promised my colleague going for ifthar together as a celebration for her who actually resign from the company and moving for a better career growth. Alhamdulillah~ but seriously aku ingat kan today is thursday skali one of my client text me wishing me "happy friday" !! i called him back just to let him know that he pick a wrong day to text me but actually i'm the one who confused with my own date and days! *tingtong*like duhhhhhh~ So, before iftar i called Fatihah, the get together session is still on...and i make my time to meet her and hubby (even thou im late)..syukuran~ i just love the feeling when ever i did promises and i do it :) truly loving the time and the smile on my colleague face to see me for iftar...(al maklum la...i'm the one who hardly to catch in the time usually abis at clients meeting and ministry)

Lots of stories we actually catch up...from management psycho problems to office politics to heart to heart conversation...everything packed in one nite! *awesome* serious berat gak la otak dgr cam2 benda...but yeahh..buang yg keruh...kite amik yg jernih je la kan~ then she actually mentioned about our junior who happen lost her father last friday...and happen that the junior is kinda close to me..helping me with some of my documents last time. Seriously aku tergamam...dgr cite my junior demam panas after dgr her dad past away...and last i heard dia nk resign as well...OMG!! where am i all this while?? My junior always text me while im away from office to updates me with my things in the wonder i never got her msg lately..Astagfirullahalzim~  she been away for a week without me say any takziah to her and family... That one thing i  figure out in less about people that somehow near to me ..this is cos of my bzness...terlampau focus sgt on WORK LOADS! huh! i miss this lil value in me..and im truly disappointed to myself... :(

Next thing when im back home, as i enter my house..i saw my mom was sitting alone in our living room sambil baca the Quran with interesting insight the one she gave me....with her face so up tight...and i wonder...i actually went to her and asked her..."asal mama serius sgt ni....?" well..usually she will greet me with her lawak of the day.....but now she kept all silent and reading it as if x prasan langsung aku masuk umah...*pelik* then she looked at me....and said.." byk ke keja nk kena deal...?" oh know...i guess she is not in her kinda mood...but she looked sad in my eyes...and i asked  is there sumthing wrong? she looked at me and said that Aunty Ju (her best fwen ) just past away this my surprised!! i'm shocked...Innalillah~ and mama start to speak......

" Aunty Ju was my best fwen....she was the one i close with....same thinking...funny and senang mama ngan dia. She was there to hear my stories when Arwah Abah linda dah x der. She always called me tanya khabar...and x pernah lupe tu jemput in every of her family occasions. The best part is..we are in a same age. Hari ini dia dh duduk sorank2 dalam kubur....mama dh x pk ape dah...klo Tuhan bg peluang sethn dua ni tuk mama..mama dh bersyukur~ (sumpah part ni air mata akku dh bergenang)...ajal x kire masa skang ni...mama  harap Linda will get someone yg btul2 bley bg linda bahagia kat dunia dan akhirat...nak gak mama tgk llinda naik Pelamin klo di ber kesempatan...(and this part air mata aku dh pon melabuhkan tirai nyer.... T_T) and kalau bley......"
 i cut it when i feel like my mom really making me sad in that situation. Oh God! gimme strength! in her eyes i always see she worried upon myself...who gonna take care of me and so on.....but actually i'm all good...InsyAllah i will manage it as it is....i mean i dont really mess aroound wt people life....told her that one fine day InsyAllah...there is a man for me.....the time will come...

In my heart..on my 27th birthday few days back..for the 1st time in my life..i actually have a deepest wish for me to have seorang SUAMI yg SOLEH and be happy and love unconditionally. Wish for me to have a good time with flove ones, amily and fwens..... u can have the whole money in the world but if you cant have time with ya family and love ones i guess that is the most lost u would ever regret. sebab benda yg lepas its so priceless...we couldn't pay for it to come back and make things rite...Subahannallah Maha Suci Allah....Kaya kan lah aku dgn ruang masa untuk pengisian yang baik pada org2 yang aku, teman2 dan juga kenalan. Lahirkan la aku dgn rasa sentiasa memaafkan sesama sendri because we never know the next person to us yg kite kluar sama tu esok maybe hari terakhir buat dia di dunia ni kan.. :(

...TIME is just PRICELSS~  Use it wisely as a good Khalifah di dunia ni ye....i say it as general as it is la...this is just reminder to me and u ols. Takziah to both yang telah pergi meninggal keluarga masing2 dan alhamdulillah kedua2 meninggal pada hari jumaat, penghulu segala hari..well i remembered arwah abah pernah ckp org2 terpilih je meninggal hari jumaat and bulan puasa. InsyAllah mereka mendapat tempat disisi Allah SWT. Al-fatihah.. peace! :) xoxo

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