Sunday, August 12, 2012

mood keja lari-lari anak~

Assalamualaikum~  hee...I've been bz for the whole load just crazy, thou. Not that im complaining ...i know tak baik ckp cam tu..even not mengomel pon ..sbb tu smua rezki ye~ huhu. To be honest i'm toooooo committed in what im doing..nak2 deal about media world since im in media for the past 4 far i've enjoy it so MUCH! u know la kan...entertainment and communication life been in me for quite long and yet i'm still keep on exploring every angles. Cos for me there is lot for me to discover...its like finding the infinity answer,thou. well..thats what we call the THRILL and the excited part kan after all~

Even thou im working in *tuuuttttt* is a media owner for the whole Out Of Home Media but i'm still engage with some other platform like Media Prima( my ex-company), astro and Ad Agency. is world is small. i turn left and rite i always hit the same person. ahaks~ klo hit 2 3 kali tu..mmg sah2 la sengaja kan...hehe..but yeah...that just to show how small the media world is.

Monday usually i came to attend "sales meeting" to update on things with clients and so on..bla bla bla...i used to love to attend back when i know who im reporting to..but after some management prob occur i tend to look at this meeting such a lousy one~ oopsss! (trust me it is) and i always make excuses to escape it by going to my 2nd office (putrajaya..ministry areas) huhu...slalo klau buat excuses cam tu lama2 sure dh x ley pakai i attended last meeting...and here goes my SURPRISE....

GOT TERMINATED?? do i feel regret on receiving this kinda letter which came not from my direct boss..cos my direct boss just tender his resignation letter a week ago? should i feel regret? a question that i'm still trying my best to figure out whats the best answer to it. hehe~ (rasa cam work at circus pon ader..) The best part didnt came from Human Resourse (HR)...i think it came from HUMOR RESOURSE! which somehow i tend to laugh like hell in getting this letter! hahahahaha....ok la..dont wanna elaborate more bout this lil prob that arise early of this week...while i'm so blessed with so many wonderful project that been sealed along the week. huhu...

My Key Client: Ministry if higher Education(MOHE). I got a phone called from MOHE after i received the letter of mu termination telling me the project i've been proposed its ON! Alhamdulillah~ see..told ya.. tuhan tu MahaKaya & Adil & Saksama. If sumthing bad happen to us..usually sure got HIKMAH leih baik out of everything yg happen tu. huhu. X yah lew kite risau...we should redha and keep on believing..(im a believer by the way) hiks~ ^_^'

style pe concept ad i did..pls say yes..huhu ;p and pls support this ministry initiative i make a research it is all about educate people from young till senior citizen to gwt involve on skills work exposure..try la google on Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat, PSH check out!~ hee

This below video been played last Thursday on MOHE Media Nite Iftar together with the program soft launch.Woahhh~ seyes im so proud!! i even proud to make my Boyfriend acompany me to the function to witness the whole kinda media job..and my project that i've been working with MOHE all this while. Tadaaaa~ really hope he got the whole picture..i'm like till the extend biarla org lain x brapa paham what im doing but i always pray that my Guy know and support me in everything i do. huhu.*budget hollywood sweet movie la* haha! 

tadaaaa~ this is sooo no 'Gohmen' style of  tv promo...check it out~ it will be on TV soon :) ahaks!

heee~ i'm all PINK yaww! waiting for my sweet bf to fetch me up for the soft launch! Sweetttt~ muahhh! 

Conclusion nyer do u ols rasa i care much bout getting that TERMINATION LETTER? huhu...i believes dunia rezeki ni luas and i always percaya Tuhan tu Maha segala Maha..God will always there for the one who always remember Him regardless in  our susah and senang kan~ hehe. Seriously i kind of terkilan skit la cos of internal politic, my value that i give to these company not shine up to this kinda boss(malah aku dipijak2...typical sales boss cam tu la)~ for me, i dont really put problems in front and definitely wouldn't run away from it..but to move forward this is how i deal with it. Not to say i give up, guess i'll accepted it for my own pride and value. Eceyh~ haha.  

On my way to the hotel for the launch...we end up took this cute and creative shot! ahaha...*sempat lagi* 

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