Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mamaku dan kapas~

Assalamualaikum~ i rememebered this one evening i told mama if she wants to be on newspaper sempena Ramadhan and Raya. Blum sempat ckp abis she trus "NAK!!" haha..cute je taw mama ni~ well...most of her kids( jgn nk kids sgt la...smua stok dh ley jd mak and bapaq dah..HIKS!) majority in Media line. 2 of my brothers a producer and director at Media Prima..and i used to be there those days as well...and now i'm doing my own thang in media world..(ignore my kisah kena terminate.haha)

All this while alhamdulillah la..i managed to have a good relation with the media world...from sales person, client servicing, editorial, production up till the management levels...serious till now im so blessed with all that happen in my life. i gotta say NETWORKING is really important baru smua benda we need can be materialize easily. Making connection is a thing that wouldn't need to pay yaw~ its always pay with our sincerity and with a good heart InsyAllah good things will comes to you without u knowing it. huhu.

Tau tak if nk promotion or ad on print paper ..Full color Full Page plak tu cost dia sumtimes can reach up to 70k for just one off ad??! seriously CRAZY kan!! but thats about it...Media Advertising is just syooookkkkkkkkk business abis ~ hehe..if u know how to play around with it and not forgetting a good servicing to your kinda clients.  well, my mama knows that i'm so committed and passionate in my media works as in tu la makanan si Linda ni..(thats the words always i heard from her mouth) kuangg3x!

This was what i gave her for upcoming RAYA!! FREE exposure on her boutique and a bonus for her sbb MUKE DIA KLUAR paper!! hahaha..
Mama is one of the person who loves cotton sangat2!! she always said that cotton is EVER green...dari i'm a lil girl up till somewhat be a lady now still every of Raya she will do 1 baju kurung cotton for her girls..(ok now girls dia dh tambah satu lagi..which is my sis all together 3 baju cotton) haha...

For the love of designing and materials, she was a interior designer back then (Eyana Deco Sdn. Bhd....sempena nama my sista! cis!) but now more into boutique (Eyana house of Cotton...again nama my sista*terjeles* hehe). According to her she started just to go thro her pass time je..but now run beautifully and rezeki comes x putus2. I'm happy that she knows how to handle her kinda life pretty awesome at her age where it supposed to relax jaga cucu2 or jejln with husband kan...but yeah to thnk back..My Mama x pernah duduk diam...if x kat boutique..she will be at Masjid belakang umah. Her kids know her time schedules pretty well ;) ahaks~ 

You may have heard that cotton clothing offers a lot of benefits over synthetic material. Have you ever wondered why and what those benefits are? are some good facts i got from my Mama the cotton lover. According to her, there are numerous of goods and great things about cotton, but the main one is the fact that cotton is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant which means is the best choice of material for people who suffer from asthma or allergies or those who have sensitive skin prone to irritation. Natural fabrics usch as cotton clothing allow for better air circulation which helps remove and absorb body moisture, drawing heat away from the skin and keeping body cool and dry. Also, cos cotton clothing breathes better, it's the best choice to keep cool in hot, humid weather. So for those who actually always on the go and wanna feel comfort at all times, cotton is the best answer. And to think back, while we were a baby our parent put a cotton clothing on us to keep us all feel realllllly comfy!~ (kite mati nanti kain kapan pon Cotton gak kan~ ^_^')

It happen few months back when i actually followed my mom travel to take some of her product from overseas. We actually went to Vietnam to find new tailormade for our Raya outfit and at the same time looking for more business opportunity in extending mama's boutique. So, we went to this BIG BAZAAR packed with people 24/7... tourists and local are just mad about material business! and we end up at this particular small shop which mama make friends with owner. Came this one lady ...a Malaysian lady tetibe dari arah belakang aku yang duduk kepenatan ikut mama deal2 kain2 ni trus cam tegur apek vietnam ni tanya mana kain cotton yg bagus~ then while apek tu cari patern yg cantek2 mama started to talk to the this time in my heart i said sumthing like..."now let us see Mama nyer drama" haha...Mama asked the lady where did she stay in Malaysia...and the lady answered at Tmn Tun. and mama pon borak2 la cam biasa till the lady actually asked mama (sambil pegang kain cottonapek tu bagi kat dia).. " do you think this is the nice cotton? cos i saw you beli byk kain and i think u npk cam the one who always came here" ( serious that kinda question really trigger mama as Mama kan owner in getting all those fine cotton from overseas and sell it in her boutique) So, here goes my Mama nyer answer..... " cari cotton ke. this one not really fine cos cotton yg fine for kids ke org dewasa always comes from Dubai or pakistan. VERY FINE. i tell you what....back in Malaysia there's one boutique..kat amcorp mall, pj..dah dekat sgt tu ngan Tmn Tun tempat u tinggal..i found it so fine la the cotton. Kain2 dalam paper bag my daughter pegang tu actually from that boutique (hand over the kain to the lady) and we dtg sini for tailoring je. Sini nyer cotton kurang skit..Vietnam more into shifon and linen~" tuh dia....with her face yang so friendly and CONFIDENT je ckp wt that lady where actually she refer and promote her own boutique. (serius time tu aku dh tahan glak muke tetap maintain and coba x nak pandang lansung muke mama cos takot kantoi) Guess what..blk Malaysia mama told me that her staff ckp this lady Shopping Banyak gileeee..i think bout 10 pieces of kain cotton at my mama's boutique. hahaha~  wahh! the power of really direct promotion which she done it very subtle way . *Impressive* oh ya..that is My Mama~ lol

So girls yang suke pakai cotton try la go and have a look at Eyana House of Cotton else gi je kat amcorm mall level 3 near to Mc Donald...nak discount just mention  a friend of Linda Roos..haha! sure my mom staff will give special rate...(ye la..cos i'm gonna pay the discount part :p ) lol. Happy shopping~ :)

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