Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sneak preview my Raya 2012 offical color

tadaaaaa~ Yes is a royal GREEN yaw~ a big THANK YOU to my dearest sweet pwetty bubbly desinger, Miss Azura known wt Azura Couture She just make my raya mood go really wheeeeeeee~ even thou i aint got an feelings towards raya nowdays....u know la kan rays s all about getting together as family, seeking for blessing and minta2 maaf smua la kan....if kanak2 sre standard yg dikejar nyer AMpAW~ hiks! everyboday been a kids rite those sure u guys hv ya lil good old times being a kid.huhu

to think back...i make lots of costumes for ray as im celebrating my 1st very raya officially with hijab on...wahhh~ another sejarah tercipta in my life omg like sriously i come till this extend of life? TRANSFORMATION obviously for a better lew kan. so kire ni raya art of celebrate the transformation in me, my sista and da whole family. oh yes...everybody welcome me and sista wt new look on this aidilfitri. Alahamdulillah.

smua dh terlaksana...guess next raya insyAllah transform me to be into aother stge of life.....A Wife ...maybe. insyAllah. jeng jeng jeng~ i feel the boringnpart dh bout raya sbb at the age klo ada kids my raya would b much more meaningful....x sabarrr nyeerrr nk bg duit raya and the giving back smile really make peace in my   lonely heart taw. eceyh~ jgn nk lonely heart sgt la kan...huhu

so people lagi...jommmmm rayaaa:D

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