Friday, September 28, 2012

Lesson from a dream~

So 2 days ago i had a dream that i was MARRIED which was interesting if any of u know me well. Hiks! Probably because i try to clean up some of my FB photos that somehow i wanna delete it...u know ..what pass is pass. Then i came across pictures that a lot of my fwen tagged me on it. ..many of it is my friend’s wedding photos. Aww~ but it was so glowing^_^ i was wearing a flowery home blouse as i think that i’m looking good in yellow kot..haha,  my favourite style of ‘sluar bacin’ to be better know as HAWT pants..erkk..thats not how i used to wear at home actually :p (practically only i my dream)...and of course wt my choice pink

I had my dream loft, complete wt complete with white cabinet in the kitchen and exposed brick. Hee. I was standing in the kitchen making something with whomever i was married to...(this part happen maybe cos i’m practically in the mood of cooking dishes lately...i mean now that i’ve my own kinda time..all the ‘suri rumah’ stuffs all kawtim) ahaks!~ then i remembered was sitting on a couch, visibly distressed. He just blurted out “ i cheated on u” . The next part was what stuck with me the most, thou. I’ve had this internal “who the heck am i supposed to be”. So, this was like a smack in the face to me. What i did was crouch down on the floor for a minute, closed eyes,covered my face and prayed. Then  i got up, grabbed a bowl to fill with water, a towel, and a cloth and took it over to him. I took his shoes off and wash his feet. He was just sitting there numbly. So, I reminded him that vowed to remain with him and follow his leadership and that lying to him was just as much of a sin. I was sitting on the floor and he still wasn’t speaking, so i put my face on his knees ad prayed to love and forgive as God did. And suddenly....someone knocking on my room door ..”lindaaa, pls alih keta org nak kuar gi keja ni”...tuh, i woke up~(kacau je my adik about to see the plot ;( hmmpk!)

What struck a chord is the fact that i’m finally leaning teeny tiny bits of myself at a time, and i’ve been asking God to help me become who i really am. That dream was MASSIVE . I want to be that women who really know and hold on her vow. I’m still not entirely sure if i’m called to marriage, but even so, that is the kind of peace in me in believing there will always be God in any situation. Thus, that doesn’t mean life doesn’t hurt sometimes,  but believing in God is so much more beautiful than any other suffering endure.

When there is no happiness, there is joy abounding! Forgive cos you were given. Love cos u are loved. At all times, be thankful and praise to Allah SWT for his blessing is more than enuff!~

*happy life* peace.xoxo-

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