Saturday, September 29, 2012

never ending job~~

After one project literally done here comes another job I gotta develop. This kinda project also the one i've been helping out my MOHE client over the past 1 year far its always be the 'TALKED'...and poor thing less action been taken..While the KPI of the whole brand campaign gotta achieve by year 2015. Ok! guess we left another 2 years to go...more or less la~ pheww..

Developing a campaign and wish it will sustain..hmm.. i think it really need a major serious PLAN where by if i calculate it, more or less it usually needs 1-3 years time... guess what!! the duration been shorten and yet no ACTION taken.  pftt! so again i'd been asked to develop the 'comprehensive Media Campaign' and for it to be propose to client really soon.. aishh~ when they got called up on the budget for next year..that is the time AGAIN i gotta spend time sit down and plan with them.  hope this time would be much more co-operative on both sides, Media & clients.

Tadaaaa~ this is the sneak preview of my up coming project... :) 

As i plan out the campaign phases...SUDDENLY i came across this figure 'YEAR 2013' !!! oh nooo.....I'm AGING....YOU AGING...EVERYBODY AGING~~ I got SMACKED rite on my FACE to think that i've plan lots of stuffs regards to my works...LIKE HELOOoOOoo...what do i really PLAN FOR MYSELF??? 

okok...for once my dear Linda Roos....ur so hyper-psycholy-workaholic girl! Put a lil sensitivity in yaself to look upon on ya personal life...exclude ya work LIFE! pls pls..WORK OFF~ gosh! 2013 figure really RANG MY BLOODY LIFE ALARM~ >_<'  SubahanAllah~  time really flies indeed.....and it flies with RESPONSIBILITY in each second. pheww~ 

adoyaiii~ benda kite nk cite bout my next kinda project...there i go slightly terasa deep inside me.hee...DAMN you NUMBER!! lol. nway u ols..wish me luck on my next project...check it is good in developing oneself to a greatest height indeed ;) 

adioss~ peace, roger and out! xx

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