Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This is Linda

I just realized that its half a year already. What did i do through the passed 6 months? Did i achieve my half year goal?things that i want?How bout my personal life...is there any changes?Seriously i dont even knowhow to answer it. To think back, i guess i had made myself to a stage where i think i should be proud of. In terms of career, it been so good so far...as usual i appreciate every moment of my life with blessed from family and friends. I can see the graph of my career growth is always on the move to the positive side. Alhamdulillah..maybe there are slightly ups and downs along the way..but thats a normal thing. The time we drop is what we call challenge and if we get through it and get back on the track thats what we call success. I'm looking forward for better opportunity for myself..which consider seeking for more side job opportunity. As for now, i'm happily working in a well known organization(Media)..and as for my part time..i did lots of things...trust me..i'm the one who always with plans and VEry verY hyper active. I do photography stuffs, fashion style and even dance coaching! Fuh! how could i possibly divide my time? wel..i just manage and make myself occupied at ALL TIME! Me = WORK,WORK,WORK! sounds stressfull..but i enjoyed it!

For that conclude y i'm STILL SINGLE! opppsss......Yes i am...even though how bz am i..i know how to cater my time for my love ones, myself and family. I'm good at it...its just that sometimes i find it its a lil bit too hard for me to please every single people. To make it simple, i make a vow to myself that I'm gonna take the next relationship seriously(if happen i meet someone). Not to say that my previous relationship i take it for granted...i think is bout time to think in a depth way......all my friends around me is getting marry..one by one i can say is either happily in relationship or well married! What am i doing here.....just turn officially single and now started to go back where is start...search for a new people....starts to know them..yada..yada...gosh! couldn't face it anymore,thou...probably i'll go for friends..thats my last resort! (couldn't believes it that i sounded so desperate!) hahaha....Whatever!

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