Wednesday, July 4, 2012

b.L.A.n.K - T.H.i.n.King~

**** MEDITATE**** 
why am i feeling this way?
losses energy...negative thinking...feeling uncertainty...
i shall give up on sumthing that i hold a lil too long....but what is it?
oh pls~ i just dont like when my alter ego starts to speak..

I was too close with my alter ego last time and i definitely know what the consequences...
lantas aku selalu mohon..
"ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku bersyukur atas segala hidayah yg telah dikurniakan ke atas diri kerdil ku yang lemah lagi memohon simpati ni....jangan pernah Engkau mengambil ia semula and tetapkan la hati ini untuk selalu bergerak menuju kejayaan~ amin"

I know that if we attach ourselves with our on Ego and it will manipulate us to become someone who is totally beyond ourselves. Ego is a NEGATIVE AURA..
and it attracts the evil sources and lead us to become more proud of  ourselves while the one we should proud of is hte ONLY Allah SWT. 

(just a reminder to myself ) peace ;)

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