Friday, July 27, 2012

Perempuan dan Air Mata

*close eyes and start thinking when is the last time u shred tears like gile2 nangis??*
its been awhile for me..sebab i think crying is just too tiring..cos it plays with emotion and the day after effect dia of course MATA BENGKAK.

first thing first...why do Perempuan ni suka nangis? 
aku, Perempuan....gadis..wanita and kaun Hawa....
The last time i remembered i cried it was 2 weeks ago...erk....thats cos of i missed my lil whitey cat, Fosty..
the tears belong for the creature that help me went thro my gloomy days..but now he's gone~
to rewind a lil further tears always belong to Allah swt...the only God i always praise for His guidance and barakah...

for that i would like to stress out that women tears are not to show that they are weak or what so ever but it symbolize the emotion that are running thro veins and transform it into tear drops. 
When women cry, that is the most feelings to show her sincerity~ Her teardrop resembles honesty, joy sadness, acceptance, fear, trust, loyalty, strength and purity and most of all tears is to show that there are not lying ye wahai kaum Adam~ A woman would not be crying if she doesn't feel hurt or touched on a certain circumstances. Tears will fall in line with her feelings. ...

Kalau nk ikutkan myself sendri mmg jarang la nak nangis...cos to think back its just waste of time but when i think far straight it actually a good thing. I think byk je pompuan kan luar sana just like me who is hold up tight with a man EGO but at the end her ego change to tears. 
rasa yang seorang pompuan pendam kian lama ni somehow join venture plak ngan ego diri sendri at the end sure burst into tears.. ( confirm2 la heavy flow kan~) 
and at that particular moment...i just wanna ask u ols girls kan..worth it ke air mata mutiara seorang pompuan ni jatuh sbb kena tengking ngan lelaki yg digelar Boyfriend?? *masyAllah*

Well..i used to think that way klau dah sayang if a girl shred tears it doesn't mean that dia keluarkan senjata teampuhnya but most probably the girl wanna show her last weapon..senjata terakhir..kire cam last s kopek la towards making the decision...
not to say that girls cant control over her own tears flow..tau2 la..klo air mata dah start kluar its always resolve around feelings...EMOtions.. all the miss and love comes into picture mmg tak cam air terjun plak kluar dari mata..
( bayangkan cite katun jepun ..hee)

mungkin sebab ape yang di pendam slama ni dh x dpt di bentung lagi maka tukar la pada teardrop~
Just a lil reminder for those who dont know...especially those kaun adam yg mmg la sgt di kasihi kaum hawa ni...when a girl cry bukan nyer girls tu nk soh pujuk cepat or a sign nk manja..its actually a sign for u and her to take one step behind...look for the answer of solving what ever circumstances arise between both part... in another words beri extra perhatian pada feelings and both soul. (ye la..kita smua ni kan hamba yang lemah...and harap maklum ye..x der manusia yg perfect dalam dunia ni melain kan kite accept pe je kekurangan org tu..insyAllah ngan izin-Nya everything will be a perfect picture at the end)

Makanya....wahai kaum adam, hargailah perempuan, gadis, wanita, kaum hawa ini
 cos obviously mereka semua ni tercipta untuk DIKASAHI bukan DILUKAI~ 

p/s: layan je la pompuan smua cam u ols layan mak sendri pernuh hormat and kasih. tu je actully most girls wanted...(klo nk bg benda tu its a bonus la~ kerna u guys sure tau whats the value of ya own girls kann~ )  hehe. Assalamualaikum. Peace!

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