Sunday, July 15, 2012

1M4U dan Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswazah (YSS) ape kaitan?

Begini Cerita nyer...i just came back from the launching of 1M4U or more specifically 1 Malaysia For Youth...basically event for para remaja..youth and our Next Generation(my generation actually)hehe...(another government initiative ..biasa la...lepas satu2 la government kita ni kan...)
to be frank its actually a program under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and segala kementerian and agensi2 kementerian lain kena la beri support and participate la..(kata nk election..huhu)
I kind of malas je nak attend this massive event...i mean did those days...and of course its always about work..x der makna nyer nk gi sbb suka2. I think in my eyes...every youth should consider this healthy social activity something for them to ponder and discover the value in oneself. This launching took place at KLCC park..mmg kena la sgt..cos i remembered time aku muda remaja dulu pon that was the kinda place i intentionally hang out~ i mean dulu tu la tempat adanyer Asian X-games yg pertama...heh! hang out wt skaters all around da world...woww...really bring back cool memories yaww~ haha (budget hippie la plak)huhu..
 ..but this time around lain la see the different..

hehe..belia yg join program YSS ni kena brief la before the official launch..perghh...gigih tul belia we ols ni...bwh panas terik taw ni~

Official booth for KPT and YSS program!! syabas~

        1. Kerjasama dengan pelbagai kementerian and agensi kementerian lain
        2. pelbagai agenda disedia kan kepada belia
        3. exposure to all youth is just beyond wonders
        4. penglibatan mak bapaq remaja juga di alu-allukan
        5. platform for youth to feel their needs been appreciated by the government
        6. ni paling best...our GENEROUS PM actually launch the whole event..(kire ye bapaq trasformasi kite yg always la bz ni still ada masa tuk our next generation.BRAVO!)
        7. jangan ckp remaja and mak bapqa derank je ada....this is impressive..i saw lots of NGOs yg di bawah belia nyer independent association pon participate..serious its amazed me somehow...(reminds me of UK street get together events)
        8. I believes yang sanggup la turun ke 1M4U event ni yg serius menyokong agenda kerajaan
        9. tak lupa gak...some artistes also came down just to memeriahkan the whole majlis!
        10. enjoy2 gak...tetibe td time nnk kluar from the sesakness tu a young boy kantoi MENCURI ye~ dah kena soal2 Jawab with abg2 Rela yg muke stok  nk belasah org je kan... 

Actually there a lot of positiveness about this kinda event. The one i would like to highlight here is Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswazah (YSS)...well..not because Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)is my client, but the whole initiative yg dibuat oleh program YSS ini sendri antaras pendedahan yang terbaik bagi golongan remaja...well...the whole ideas of MOHE invented this YSS program is to get all uni students involve in Volunteers Service. Serious best wooo.....i mean if MOHE kembangkan skit je lagi idea ni secara mendalam lagi..its going to be a BOOMMM for those Uni peeps. U know...myself actually been doing this kinda shitz..opps...i mean...generous works since im in my primary! kan dulu2 ada kelab tunas puteri...pandu puteri...pengangkap...ape lagi...u ols x ingat ke?? dulu of course masuk kelab2 ni sbb ada activiti yang best salah satu daripada nyer yang boleh join activity time sekolah so kite dapat la ponteng klas kan kan??haha .. cuba bygkan dulu kite buat atas dasar pihak sekolah....tu pon sbb i think la mmg dah jd suatu prog untuk mendedahkan kepada kite smua time kecik2 dulu....and now if u guys join the YSS program..sure it will remind u time muda2...aww~ look at the big picture im trying to say here...
Life is just like a circle...if u did it now and later on u'll teach ya children to resolve round the generosity program as well...and it will go on and on and on...sampai la bebile...dont u think it is a good thing after all! and hopefully...there's a place for us all to make the world more better place!!! wheee :) insyaAllah~ 

Happy sungguh kakak YSS ni invite those belia to join the good program ni!

ok..if u ols nak tau....this is the 2nd last page belia yg dah register nk join the prog..i think bout 48pages la..fUhhh yOooo! (ini bkn fakta ini auta) :p

Thats the spirit we want in our Youth!! berebut2 to be part of the volunteers...u know what...its not about money is about making different to the nation and to yaself as well.. u join u add more value to ya kinda life! *awesome*

the Veteren ..ahaks~ no la...actually this all kakak2 and abg yg dibelakang program YSS pleh MOHE ni...and yg si baju belang tu is the mAster mind ;p (tak register pon to be one of the volunteers but gaya je lebih) lol

i shall give a big THANK you for my lil bro ni...sanggup la teman me on my weekend job~ u know he said its dangerous if i go there alone...let him accompany me! (gosh! since when he became so manly ni...??? ^_^' ) *grateful and blessed* masih ada lagi yg sayang rupe nyer~ hihi

next agenda for YSS...let me think of my own Proposition to The ministry~ nway..totally a great Sunday for me besides pagi td bgn terkejut sbb tgk pic ULAR on my BBM! sebaik x jatuh katil..aishh~ 


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