Monday, July 2, 2012

oH! HeLLooo Juli JuLy~

yeap! it is a totally a new HeLLo after a brave goodbye on JuNe Juni :) 
why do i look up on this very MONTH??
ehem~ it is my own superb month....its the month i'm born in..and yes i'm a LEONIST~ roaarr!
This month i gotta walk boldly into the very thing i wants to achieve but i think i just can't. 
oh Pls~ i always say this to myself...
" do it afraid! and amazed your own self, bravee soul "
(and i keep repeating it again and again till i actually doing it) lol
there i go..a lil simba trying to be the King of the Jungle..huahaua

that's me..hehehhee...meoww~

2ndly I'm expecting this month gonna be a Month of true blessing..
well..its because this is a month where Ramadhan gonna falls in..
I am sooOoo glad that these very year my birthday falls on Ramadhan month..
exactly 8 days all Muslims start fasting :) 
well.. gotta plant my seeds from make my time devoted to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadhan...less works to ensure la kan and more in beribadah and such.hee ;) 

way to proceed people~ eceyh~ hope yg kat luar sana x patuh undang2 jalan raya..but atleast we bond ourselves with the do and don'ts in Islam . ahaks! ;) all have a blessing month and to me..happy future birthday, big girl! ;p

- xoxo

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