Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rain Check!

approximately another 115 days to go...OMG! the numbers is truly going smaller each day! fuhh~ oh hello people...its been awhile kan since i update my blog. Life just extremely busy. Never in my life i've been this super bz with job, life, family and yeah....preparation on my big day. **tarikk nafassss* .....fuhhhhh.....*hembusss*

Engagement dress {CHECKED!} soon gonna pick up from jakarta yaw! its gonna be absolutely my fav cos i design it myself. Put a lil art on the design..and tadaaa..its zoo me indeed! will surprise u ols with my own creation very soon :)

i get a pair of new shoe from my indonesian designer as my engagement present :) 

 OK for my hantaran i leave it to my mom. She is an EXPERT on this i can say. Not to worry too much about it cos i wanted is the engagement ceremony to be simple and memorable to me and family. Nothing more i could ask for ..just to see all smiling happily on my engagement day..and plus its a day of MY FUTURE HUSBAND birthday as well. Awesome date to be remember! 

shall update soon on the belum kelam kabut lg ni...sbb we ols still chillax je. On top of our mind keep saying...lamaa lg...LoLz!!

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