Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meaningless Wife's Gossip~

First of all, Alhamdulillah. This is my 1st new post this very year. New life to venture. It has been 9 months I'm been married....and counting.. Still i'm looking at the puzzle that i choose to end my life with. Yes, i'm so thankful i found someone to share my life with. How can i put what i feel in such words which will give a glimpse of my marriage life…It was scared yet excited to get marry and now i'm in it.

SubahannAllah. It is all truth what been said by my elderly. This chapter of my life may be the most challenging and memorable ones as me and spouse juggling with time to fit to this new situation as husband & wife. Of course this is all just to make our marriage a wonderful and successful experience that will last as long as we live together in this life and by the grace of Allah, after death when they reunite in Jannah, Insya’Allah.

Let me share my little experience which I believes it is the best ingredients to spice up my marriage life. I see it as a whole while im practising each and every moment to be the best wife and devoted partner to my husband~

Time pass by really fast..and now I'm his Mrs and his my Mr. We started to figure out on The SEVEN essential Cs -(COMMITMENT, COURTESY, COMUNICATIONS, CARE, CONTENTMENT, CONTRIBUTION and COMPROMISE).

It's just not getting something right every time just to satisfied each other, it's the journey that we went through together and the mistakes that we made its the key for us to consider for better. Of course myself and i bet my husband as well is facing kind of hard time to fit ourselves with commitment. But we taking it lightly and willing to compromise with things. For now being TWO with no kids yet it is just fine. InsyAllah…

One thing that i always look up in a husband is that he's being an Imam to me and a leader to the family institution. I've met several cases among my friends who faced divorce and separated. Ya Allah….now i eventually know the answer why women are created to be really strong emotionally. Every of my sujud nowadays will always end up with a long prayer for God to bless me as a good wife and to grant my small family with His best blessing.

Yes in the 1st 3months i can say it was a bit know that all this while I'm sleeping alone and nowadays seeing with husband. But Alhamdulillah we passed our 3 months process to work things out in a very understanding ways...i guess. And the NEXT BEST thing after 3 months of spending time and get the bond between us even stronger, God really knows how committed and responsible we are and so Allah S.W.T give us our 1st CHILD! And tadaaaa....pejam celik pejamm celik now I'm in my 8 months pregnancy.

Out of my business as a carrier woman, a wife and soon to be mother....i believes God grant us both with a beautiful path in welcoming our 1st child. be continue......ehee

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