Sunday, January 30, 2011

My life is just another funny chapter

Its soooooo INSANE! i just started working 3 months ago at one of local advertising company. And within this 3 months i can say i learn a lot..with curiosity, u all been thinking such a short time i've been learning a lot of stuffs..main thing is i learn about the terms of APPRECIATION!

God! subhannAllah...i donno i could have come to certain extend which make me cry when i was praying to Him. My life previously was such a great one. God created such a wonderful moment and path on my career. But its just me, that didn't see things and appreciate what i got. I resigned from a big corporation to a small company without thinking deeply whats the obstacles i'm gonna face. Not to say that i'm regretted of all that i choose to be and to actually lead my own life. Trust me, life wasn't that easy after all.

I dont blame my new company as much i don't regretted what i'd face along the way. Its like a valuable experiences to myself. Its not a whole new experience to me, its something that i've been faced it before..maybe there are slightly different in terms of the management and surrounding. The job scopes and direction is pretty clear to me and i can say i did it extremely well as an Account Executive. But there's something holding me back which is the love and soul in serving my previous company(media prima berhad). Everywhere i go in meeting up my new clients, i'll drag along media prima brand image on me and somehow clients keep on asking me ...y did u resigned from MPB? y?? y?? gosh!! the question really trigger my heart and my lung always feels week and suddenly its really hard for me to breath as much as to answer those questions....hehe... but i did answered it pretty well...

Well...2moro another new chapter begin.......working on my own.God knows how hardworking am i..hopefully everything gonna turn out great wt a lil support and blessing from my mom...guess i'll be just fine=) doain aja ya buat aku...InsyAllah...

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