Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sua Rasa TV9 EDISI RAMADAN at Klang;)

yeah! I'm back at Sua Rasa TV9. Been there for couples of time since i got into TV9. Well, basically Sua Rasa is one of our groud events for our beloved viewers. Its one of TV9 CSR initiative where we bring whats on air LIVE to you all on ground. There was our very own TV personalities, casts and of course TV9 staffs gather 2gether and make it such a happening events just for our audience. With support of our main sponsor, Celcom and we welcome other vendors to be part of Sua Rasa, what can i say, It is such a GOOD and INTERESTING event from us, TV9 to you guys out there:)

Sua Rasa Brought to you by Celcom Blue

This time its lil bit different cos usually the event will starts in da morning and end up at nite. But at Kampung Sungai Pinang,Klang, its started at 3pm and end up at 3 in the morning. Its bcos this Sua Rasa happen in the holy month of Ramadan:) Well, i feel that life gets lil bit mellow and the celebration wasn't so happening like usually. Of course lah..cos its Ramadan month! lets get rooted yaw!~The schedules been changed to more islamic activities such as Berbuka puasa with local people including the orphans, Solat terakwih and Qiamulai. And i can see that lots of vendors sells 'Kuih Raya'..i'm soo gonna but KUIH TAT and BAHULU! :) And yeah... the place and food was the BOMB! The main dishes been served such as 'bubur lambuk' sponsored by Celcom and 'kambing panggang' to be cater to 300 people for buka puasa:) I bought 3kg of FRESH Mango for RM10!!! i got round 15 mangoes all together! and i gave 5 to my interns, Ina as part of my thankfulness to her for her time to accompany me to Sua Rasa or else i'll be driving alone to Klang^_^ hehe. Bur she's pretty cool, braught along her sister to actually feel our on ground events;) well..i'm more than happy=)

Lets check out some photos..

The BD & Brand Team- Shirin, Me, Rona;)

Kambing Panggang...YuMmyy!!

Ceplos in action..'orait Ok!'

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  1. ada mcm mak datin sket. silap haribulan nanti kawen datuk :p