Sunday, January 3, 2010

Summarize of my 2009!!

To look back on my resolutions for year 2009..i guess i achieved most of it. Well, i stated something like this...

To excell on my career wise where i think i accomplished my vision to be in Media Prima top management group. Every now and then I always thank god for giving me changes and making myself stay stronger in facing the such a tough career. And of course i always pray to God that i will strike the best as i could to stay as productive as i could! Alhamdulillah...everything seems so great for me.

I happen to had such a great loving boyfriend. And how i felt blessed to be with him even thou just lil while. And my resolution was to be in relationship with him as long as i could....and dream to be with him FOREVER! but its a sad thing for me when all i wish and dream died half way.........

To be more responsible to my beloved FAMILY and friends. Alhamdulillah...i did everything pretty good. And they all noticed the changing in me. Thats a good start for me to develop myself in becoming more responsible and committed person in the future.

This abstract painting resembles my life in 2009!! There are so many colors happen through out the year but still i had to faced some obstacles in making my way to went through that colorful doors. There are so many ups and downs that i had been through. I believes its a thing that everyone went through as well. The different is what kind of thing we all face in our life and this depends on our surrounding and environment that we are in. No matter how hard i've to the end of it i'll will always turn to my family seeking for advises and help:) and i always thankful that i've such a wonderful family!

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