Saturday, January 23, 2010


How one supposed to tell someone that she actually have feelings towards him all this while. I've known this guy way back then....he doesn't seem to be my type of guy back then. And we met again 2 years ago. We went out for a Dinner Date just once later then we happen to become close really really close. He always bullied me and i always teased him. He was in his own happening world while i'm a lil naive and a bit innocent back then. Look at his lifestyle make me just wanna be his friend..and not more than that. But now..if i happen to bumb into him, there's lil spark in me. I'm not really sure what kind of spark but i think its a crush. He always trigger my nerves out of it. ^_^ I tend to be lil bit shy when i look at him and when i start to speak and trying to act normal...i starts to lost all my words and end up mumbling. hmmm....even if he buzz me on Messenger. This feeling is crazy la.....i know that he's my crush and i think there's a lil love spark in me for him. But i way to denial about it..its just hard for me since he's my F.R.I.E.N.D. He will defiinetely think i'm crazy or something....but for me he's sooooo my type of husband materials. maybe cos i know him way tooo long i guess..

Well..let God decide what best for me. If God send him just to be my friend i'm fine with it...and if he meant to be as my future Husband, i'm more that happy. InsyAllah....hehehee ^_^ only person with a nice character package with a good family background r the only one who can buy my heart=) cos i aint no a typical materialistic girl..nah ah! no i"m not............

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  1. Hehehe I like the feeling of having a crush on someone.
    Macam excited. Setiap kali dpt YM, macam hati teruja.

    Kalau ada crush dkt orang, enjoy it.
    Bcoz dah lama, kalau dah couple ke apa, perasaan "nervous" tu slalu nya akan hilang lah. Nanti dah tak nervous macam mula-mula. hehe