Friday, January 8, 2010

ready or..not?...

Cam ne ek if i tell that i'm in my very own confussion..hmmm..How can we know that someone is for us? damn! he showed the 'sign'...hope i didn't get it wrong la kan. Well parts of body respond to it but my heart and mind dont! better take it VERY VERY VERY VEWRYYYY slow.........after all.. there are lots of things i think i've to cacth up in this fasinating world. And let me stand on my vow..keep a good guys close to you, make good friend with a bad boys. And i believes i'm not that good innocent as much as i'm not that bad...i'm a decent girl i guess..haha. so, now and then i always pray that god send me someone who have this similarity as myself. matter what i can deal with that very someone... just need it to happen in da rite time. Hell no..i dont want same shitty prob in relationship coming to me again and again...its good enuff that i didn't even give up on LOVE!

Ok..the fact that actually i just wanna blog about what happen through out my day 2day!! I can say that..2day was the finest day for me.:) and i'm etremely happy bout it. Even thou early morning there are lots of works to be seattle urgently..but i'm pretty good to managed it. Despite of all the works..i'm still on my FREAKING FB..busy fighting with shara and sikin comments on OUR new YEAR PENANG VACATION!! hahaha...then suddenly i got a called from SHARA! asked me to go out for lunch with her! Straight away a Yes Yes Yes to me! Short and sharp msg replied i got from shara..'at lobby another 10min'! hahaha...knowing me and shara's style..we both always came out with last minutes unplan PLAN! So, i went la..'wani jom gi lunch ngan shara..kita kluar awal'! hahhaha...and obviously si mangkuk wani tu pon ikut je la kan...;)

so there we goes..3 of us having our lunch at TTDI! Si Shara ni order le set ala2 chinise..x padan kecik..nafsu makan bkn main BESAU! I had one of her set which is the Jasmine Tea..ummMm...thats so my choice of Tea! Shara ni saje nak menganjing aku dia pon panggil la abg waiter ni refilled kan Jasmine aku pe lg..oone shot la jasmine tea ni. then kali kedua nak mintak refilled shara menganjing plak abg waiter..ada ke patut dia soh letak the whole refilled Jag tu kat meja we all..hahahhaa. (we didn't noticed that actually that abg waiter listen to shara jokes) but later he came with 3 'beer glass' filled with Jasmine Tea! hahhahahahahaha.......apa lg kluar kan BB took pichas la out of it..'Happy our at this hour (1.30pm)'!....and i was like..yammmm SehhHHhh!!!....(all the chinese look at us!) hahahhahaha...

Mlm hari lagi besttttttttttttttttt!!! Ne yO la.hehe. ^_^

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