Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AJL Ke-24!

well well..what can i say..the day finally came! Anugerah Juara Lagu(AJL) is one of the BIG HIGHTLIGHT not only in media prima but also to the whole MALAYSIAN! What is so big about AJL? of course this is not just a simple award winning or some lousy singing competition..its all about expressing the REAL TALENT among the TALENTED 'ANAK2 SENI NEGARA' ok! And yes..every year TV3 definetely gonna come one with its BIG IDEA to make a REMARK in oneself..either watching it LIVE ON-AIR or LIVE at the Place it self! I knew it this very year, its gonna be a real BOOmMm and fantastic cos the time it been presenting in the TV3/TV9 sales meeting way back then..from the concept up to the objectives of the whole thing made me really earger wanna go for it. And YES..i EXPERIENCE IT MYSELF!! the most important of all...i experienced it with my close friends, Wani, Shara, Ainul, and Izni!!! They all look Mega stunning that very nite. Happy smile*
I had a HUGE experienced into a real colorful rhythm & Melody of various musics, LIVE in front of my EYES. All this while i'm the one who always been on stage with artist as a back up dancer. Let me share something here...The feeling being on stage is such a big DIFFERENT than being the who who watch it. I really had a good time dancing to the catchy sexy beat plus with such a slide impresive moves. fuhh..totally enjoyed my self to the max as if the stage is my own playground. One said to me that the best place in the world in being on the center stage! And its true. We can be anybody we want, still all who watch it will be entertained and most of all we been appreciated in what we are doing. Isn't life feel so nice when people have a sense of appreciation..and thats the only thing in myself that i felt really blessed and alive being on center stage! hehe...yet this time around i'm safely seated to witness the most happening Music Event, AJL! Well..i got 4 VIP TIXS!! I asked ain if she wanna join me to AJL..all she replied was..'YESSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssss'! ok that means a BIG YES! hahaha...then started to text my gf, shara to invite her so called 'seeing someone'!LoL..and yeah..Izni also i did invited..but she happen to get her own tixs! i'm cool with it;)

My beautiful sayangness....

Izni + Ainul + Linda (we all dok blakang abg Ajai!!) LoL......me and my happening friend,shara

Cerita cam ne we all leh duduk blakang abg ajai actually panjang..and its totally DAMN FUNNY! well..i reserved it to my self and to those who happen to know the story la kan.hahahaha. Dah la sebaris ngan mamat gile sorank ni..Awal plus plak ngan si ainul kan...ada je benda pelik and funny dorank buat! but seriously i had SooOoOoOoooOo MUCH FUN!!


  1. i linda, i peminat u



  2. fuhh yooo...saya tulis blog pon bley ader peminat! dah la x seberapa sgt blog nyer pon...