Thursday, June 11, 2009

Racing thoughts.

So here I am another night up. I took a nap and I knew I shouldn't have but I was so tired and feeling unwell. Now I'm stuck here wide awake. I'm so mess up with lots of things running through my head every single time. There are so much works pending and when tomorrow comes I think I will be so screw up!

Normally on nights I can't sleep I find that I'm thinking about the smallest stupidest things ever! I start thinking about what I'm going to wear tomorrow. The people I’ve been missing lately and wondering should I just call. The bills that are due. The meeting I’ve to attend. The laundary that needs to be done. Then comes the wondering what will happen if I don't do all this. My life would become easier perhaps. And if I can change this by doing that. LOL! The racing thoughts. Ugh! I just want to shut my brain down. I think it gets better. Or at least I hope!

What I do when I can’t sleep is count the potatoes...

One potato.
Two potato.
Red potato.
Blue potato.
Old potato.New potato.
Old potato.
Ewww potato.....ZzzzZZzzzzz



  1. potato?

    what's with potato?


  2. hahaa...

    yea.potatoes..i can't even think of others..or maybe i'm craving for mash potato kot.heh