Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moment with my very TRUE F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Finally i had my own WEEKEND. I've been waiting for it for a long time....week after week i always have something to do. But today...i'm proud of myself. Thought of going to SPA, massage and pamper my self well....i end up just went to salon which took me 2 half hours to get my new hair do. Then mama called wanted me to accompany her to one of her friend Son's wedding. To think back, its been awhile i didn't have time with my mama so i did said YES...althought for a lil while, atleast i did what i supposed to;)

New Hairdo=)

Still, deep inside me...i'm missing to hang round with my besties. Oh ya..i did starts my early Saturday buzzing Tiqie since i'm going for Doctor appointment at Shah Alam. Then, she invited me to come over to her house and have breakfast together with her...well..the best part was i actually helping her out in doing some stuffs for her wedding...i feel good in helping her.x

Back home i MARATHON GLEE SERIES..yay! finally i settle ddown doing my fav thing when ever i'm at home- WATCHING SERIES ON MY BED!!!! its like a marathon...and its time for dinner. i went dinner with 1st with my ever fav guy and after that shoot to Subang Air port to fetch Dura. Half way to airport, DD called me and asked to chill out together at Cangkat. And all by besties gonna be there has well..........God what could i say more...I"M SO LOOK UP FOR THIS TO HAPPEN! missing ever moment of us..hangin round till late nite just chit chating and throw some funny jokes that we can laught together..So, there was me,Dura, Didi, Reena,faiz and one new girl that ai brought along, Nadia=) we spend our time at Werners..PERFECT PLACE!

This is the moment that i've been missing all this while...and i'm glad that my weekend had been cheerish with such a sweet lasting things i'll remember(since we all still young and not tend to get marry sometimes soon)hehe....

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