Saturday, February 26, 2011

my weekend fun and joy.........

what could i ask for more on the weekend after a look week of stress and business of works? of course..chillax with my close friends. Rite now at this particular of time, there are 5 people who i consider a good friend of mine. This 5 girls had giving me hopes, believes and a true friendship. And all this 5 girls have their own different characters and how i met them. To cut it short, they are my weekend family...

Shara♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
Knowing her was amazing..God create our path to meet someone differently.This is the most happening friend in my entire life. She is small in real life but you should see her when she open up her mouth..sounds like she is the biggest amongst us 5. She somehow the most closer girl to be in my friendship world. We always find things are funny even thou its not. we speak a same language, easy going with people that we just happen to meet and we both love to create havoc in the middle of nowhere...and not forgetting every single things that she wants to do she'll find me for her company! Glad to be her friend...

Dura♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
This is my favorite girl. been knowing her ever since in my primary years..that would be 17yrs ago. What i can say, this girl had went thro hustle life, happening moment and crazy time with me. So may things happen in our life in considerate the good and the bad things. She oens my dirty lil secret and i own hers. Oh...dont get me wrong here...what i mean 'our dirty secret' would be some stupid things we both did over past years..haha. Its funny and fun whenever i tried to recalled back. She is just like my sister, mother ,a shoulder to cry on and lend me an ears to hear my sad and sun stories.

Leen♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
My sweet ever girlfriend but somehow can be perfectly gel in with me cos of we have the same koo kooo in da head! haha....probably she more than mine;) The kind of friend always concern about others, really helpful whenever one of us seems down or not in da mood. A soft person with a big heart full with love and awesome friendship values. Her heart is pretty as much as her face does. I'm really grateful to have this sweet and lovely lady as my friend. She used to be a dancer wt me back in my college years. And we shared lot of wonderful memories 2gether:)

Sikin♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
Knowing her from shara, and do click in certain ways. She is a soft hearted and very funny in person. Very understanding sometimes can be 'outr friendship' calculator...only us know what does it means ;) haha...sometimes i find her her naive. the part we extremely be in touch with each other was when we both took chances to actually do the bungee jumping. we tot of wanna do it alone but at the end she begging me to jump with her...aww!~ so we did it together.....the things that will remain as a great moment for both of us!~

Wani & Shaz♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡
They both use to be my colleagues back in media prima..we become closer each day. And now they are officially my friends who i look up for to meet and updates about ourself.. They both a just great in their own ways..

So, this are the kinda fwens i have rite now...we messed up things together, having fun, express our sadness,enjoy great things and share funny story in our daily life...I'm thank God each day to make me know them in person and actually welcome them to be my friends. This is kind of friendship i always count and rely on no matter what.....

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