Friday, February 25, 2011

A place of my inner expression

A while back Linda Roos asked her readers why they blog, what they get out of it and what their favourite things about blogging are. I told her I’d write a post about it. So Linda, this is it!

I have been blogging for 3 years now. When I started I thought to myself that I’d probably run out of things to say. I haven’t. As my friend said when I asked him about his blogging, “I’ve found I’m just as opinionated as the next person!”. Well, I have plenty of opinions about a lot of things, but I tend to steer clear of the controversial ones like politics and religion. Although I have been known to venture an opinion on other bloggers’ posts! My main thing though is to share. I am interested in a whole lot of things, and like to share them. This way I get to do it in a fun, creative way without (hopefully!) boring anyone. And they can just stop reading if I’m going on and on about something, and boring them to tears. Unlike people in my “real” life, who have to at least pretend that they find me fascinating, even if they don’t!

I’ve been through several really tough years health-wise. Caught a virus on my brain and it was so bad at one stage, that I could barely function. There were a couple of years, I have very little memory of. My world became very small. In those years my brain turned to mush. Not literally, but it might as well have for all the good it did me! I lost a good deal of confidence in myself and I lost my “sense of myself”. Things are going somewhat better now (thanks to the help of a great doctor, and the support of family and friends), although I still struggle with short term memory lost and depression at certain extend.

I originally started blogging to have a place to tell my “stories”. As that was suggested by my personal doctor. Which is what I call my sharing of fascinating books, podcasts, films or ideas that I’ve come across. I thought it would be good a place to come to, when my friends, and people out there had time to read. And they could also avoid if they wanted to! I really didn’t expect a whole lot of other people (who were not related to me) to be interested in what I had to say. It is just something in me that really full with ideas to share with everyone and at the end of it wishing that people would get inspired. Well, sometimes it is also a place to express what i feel to show happiness, anger, sad, hate and whatever feelings runs through myself at that particular moment. hee♥͡.̮♥͡

So what has blogging has done for me?

§ It’s provided a creative outlet for me. I can tell i’m pretty good at arts and crafts, thus i extend the love by putting together a pretty post.

§ It allows me to practise my writing skills. I was delighted to find I actually have some!

§ I’ve add on my photography skill on it. When I first started blogging I was mostly sourcing photographs from the Internet to illustrate my posts. Since then I’ve found it fun to take my own photos. Sometimes, I take photos first and the “stories” develop from there. Stories became more interesting with a visual to add on it;)

§ It’s a way for me to document my life. I don’t mean that in any formal sense of what I did on particular days. I really don’t lead that fascinating a life! But just to take note of interesting things I come across in my daily life. I can look back at my archives and know what I was thinking or doing at a specific time.

§ I’m a person full with sense of humour. Blogging has polished back my sense of humour (to become more humouristic.hee). I sometimes still find conversations with more than one person at a time overwhelming. My brain can’t keep up with the conversation and by the time I think of something witty or interesting to say, the topic has changed. Writing down my thoughts gives me an opportunity to express myself at my velocity.

§ I’ve been able to connect with people worldwide who have similar interests. Who knew there were so many nature/bird/animal/spider/plant/sunset etc lovers out there!

§ It’s been a place for me to escape out of my limited world. I love reading the blogs of people who live in other cultures. Whether they were born into them, or are just visiting them. And I also like reading the blogs of people who are living less conventional lives “off the grid”.

§ I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs with interesting stories that so captivated.

♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡ ♥͡.̮♥͡

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