Monday, October 15, 2012

Hospitalized again???

(ini adalah adegan doeng si linda ting t0ng)

hey hey~~ u know can tell a thounsand words. So, guys dont la been fool by those pictures. Not me who been hospitalize..but actually my mom. Those picture was taken while my mom went for an X-Ray and happen that i'm the one who look after her that day..alone plak tu...kinda bored and mind flew back to 4 yrs ago where i was hospitalized for almost 1month....haa...x puas lg ke linda oiiii~~ lol

To be mom been admitted once again as doctor detected a stone in her hempedu kot...somewhre near ulu hati. She been complaining have a serious gastric few days before she been told that she gotta go thro another surgery. Woooo....How SERIUS?? jeng jeng is the story..i fast forward a lil mom went thro a minor operation 2 yrs ago rite after Hari Raya chup! its during raya time..3rd day of our Raya dah kena admit just to buang the stone..and now after 2 yrs..tadaaa....the stone is BACK!! stonecold betul la batu nii!! time around doctor advised to just take out her HEMPEDU...cos hempedu la tempat jd nyer the stone. ok...i dont really take biology and i dont know what gonna happen if one doesn't have HEMPEDU...kuang3x~

ok rite 11.30pm my mama just out from the OPERATION THEATER!~and the nurse said mama will sadar balik as usual after 6 hours cam tu....Ya Allah~ there is no one i could mohon to for my mom to be well back again and get active as she always did. Moga2 mama cepat sembuh..and our prays are all for u  my dearest mama. We have lotsa plans to materialize...~

Thanks for all the warm wishes to my mom...friends, clients a nd followers on FB, Twitter and Instagram~ ahaks..thanks..u guys roxs!!Doa kalian smua amat dihargai kami seisi keluarga :)

peace! xx


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