Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moment of Notorious Joy~ ;)

Today is my youngest brother convocation~  and today jugak la i can see from my mom eyes released of happiness. Alhamdullillah...all 5 of her children now dah pon selesai di menara gading..ahaks! I went down with my mom just to accompany her and witness my adik receiving his degree scroll. ye la...time i was back in my Uni years..even thou satu Uni, i seldom catch up with my bro. sometimes he buzzed me for help with his assignment ..yeah as i remembered la...we help each other.. he help being my model for my kinda assignments and so did i...lol. Senang sbb we know what each other doing...time flies really fast, i dont even remember my time receiving the scroll...so sad~ that  moment i was literally high on medication..u know i end up my study years not as appropriate as everybody else..it just MADNESS ill but apa-apa pon i'm truly blessed to see smua anak2 mama dah berjaya and alhamdulillah everybody are all employed..erk....except for me...SELF employed for now la~

Despite that my brother nyer convo, i took advantage to meet all my lecturers that used to teach , spend time and work together with me those days. aww~ seriusly i missed those days...(cuba gak nk ingat ape2 memory yg ada dlm pale hotak aku ni) haha.. Back in my Uni days...i can say im quite close to most of the lecturers...cos i'm always be the one who have so many reasons not attending classes ^_^' ...once i remembered ..siap soh lecturer cover for me while i'm away for cheerleading competition to UK, London! and i gotta buy her a handbag from mark&Spencer.

I came across this one old guy..he looks familiar to me..and he keep on usha-ing me atas bwh. From his look i know that he knew me but he couldn't exactly recall my name. then i ran to my brother, asking him who is that guy sitting by the pillar...then trus my bro sound.." that's NORMAN..dia lecturer gatal tu" !! ceyhh!! No wonderr~~ now i remembered..he was my audio lecturer. and he actually made an announcement last time which practically memalu kan aku ni...i mean yeah.....how could i forgot about that. The time when i was performing for battle of the band and he was one of the judges. He said so proudly.."i'm her FAV cheerleader fan'!WTH! i'm on BOTB not cheer comp...~ so guess what...i just 'buat bodo' with him while others.. i'm so happily catch up with. huhu.

This one of my fav lecturer..En. Ramlan..hmmm....he's soooo creative and he's the one i always hang out with those days. Bercerita tentang CITA-CITA and hangan2  while at that particular time i'm in the middle of  preparing my major submission.(actually mtk his bantuan gaks) haha.. from far he eyeing me and called me..."i know u....." and i was like..."yeah..en. Ramlan...Saya la Linda..." and he spelled out the "roos' together with me. Yup..Linda Roos, thats me;) and so..the catching up session begin...he asked for my name card and num smua but i dont bring any :( the last thing i know..he will check me on MMU-FCM alumni ~ good luck in finding me there :p haha

Rite after My lil bro receiving his scroll!! CONGRATS!!!
this is the man who taught me see and give me the sense of appreciation in m being behind the camera person. Thanks you Che MAt, photography lecturer! all the words and wisdom is still fresh on my mind. I see great things thro my eyes of soul in capturing moments/. 

bkn main meriah lagi adik aku ni.....puas la tu dpt picture yang dia nak...ni la nk kluarkan invoice hasil keja aku ni~ ahaks!

my ex-TV9 colleague who happen to be at MMU CONVO2012 cos his brother also together in the same course as my bro. what a small world~

My CBN Junior and MMU junior taking the same course as me- MEDIA INNOVATION. *awesome*..guess what she's a friend of my lil bro and yeah she is the one who helping me with my3L graphic on Print Media! Bravo!!!

Moment : Mama & Fairoos...ok..this is kinda cliche cos it looks like ala2 wedding portrait. teeettttttt~ haha

CONGRATS to ALL JUNIORS!!! and GOOD LUCK for ya future undertaking ;)

*peace: xoxo

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