Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is My Story on 27 Oct ~

A year ago i was so excited in getting through the date of 27 October. WHY??Ooouu....thats kinda of hurry to tell it out the story at the beginning...come on~ i love thrill..lets get down into it. huhu.. just let me run thro the whole classic and awesome drama that happen a year ago then i will jump into the real and updated one at this particular date. hee...

27 Oct is the date of by BF born in~ Yes he is a Scorpio Man^_^ Dark, moody at times, real and...infinitely sexy to my eyes. *.*~ while myself much more into the bubbly type and love making surprise to people...ehem! like surprising the Scorpio Man?? aww! come on... for me there's no distriction not to do so.. haha. So, i planned a good surprise for him...and that was the 1st time we actually celebrating it together...and hell yeah..we also in da middle to know each other more closer..i terms of emotion and stuffs. LoL.I planned with his housemate where from out of nowhere i did't event talk that much with him when ever me and boyfie hang round together. oh ya...NOT TALK AT ALL...but this time i really need his help ...cos he is my main character for the whole surprise drama. haha

My plan was to go to his rent house .. sneak in inside while he and his housemate go out. But how am i supposed to go in there without a key?? ^_^...(harapan berkecai tp mmg i'm the one who plan and always try to make it matter what!)huhu...*gosh* i sounded so demanding.. ;p forward da plan went perfectly smooth...well planned all together.. i can said..and i gotta say much thanks to his housemate who did pretty amazing job! bravo! i mean we both boyfie for seriously SURPRISED!!lol...

One lesson learned....and been stressed out...HE DOESN'T like SURPRISES at ALL! gosh!!!how could i ever forget that moment...His Stunted to see me in his rent house with all the food and cakes all ready for there was special birthday song been tuned on at the moment he entered his house~ lol... ( i know deep inside me...he gonna be mad at me cos i tend to go over his expectation ^_^) oopppssiee...its just me~ Love to surprise and make people feel that he/she living in such a wonderful world...ok!cut the crap~:p He were so surprised and thankful to made him felt amazed...for a second.ahaks! *STRIKE*  and a min after he pronounced....'next time, tak yah surprise2 dah..i x biasa benda2 ni smua'...aww~~ >_<'

 this was taken a year go~~ aww!

And guess what i did this year...OBVIOUSLY NO SURPRISES la fact asked him...what did u want for ya birthday? huhu...keep it simple and direct je..(so not me..but i get used to it soon or later  ...The one that i know lately he much more into CATS...ngioww~ SO, i got the point! BINGO....u want kitty ke ^_^ *sambil buat muke hello kitty* haha...

He gave me the picture the one he finds on really the mudah ok...cos pretty easy to get cats online...i tried after he encouraged me to...and at last aku yg pagi,petang siang malam dok layan lol..

Tadaaaaa~~ this is his Al-kuntut present Robyn Chan.. ^_^ ngioww~
doesn't this lil tiny kitty looks so Lovely..yes! its a SHE yaww~ *wink*

i got this lil Robyn 2 weeks before his i got to keep this kitty for 2 weeks...BEST nyerrr!!! kwn la ngan abg zorro kun~ lol...
look at lovely those kitty and my super gundut zorro...they get together pretty well,thou~  missing the kuntuts Robyn la plak... *tibe2* ^_^..benda dah selamat kat tgn abg Mal la kan~~

My Mission to so called surprised tak kesampaian...but i got him pretty much impressed kot with this.....on the nite of his saje la lewat kan 5mins after 12am~~ 

Happy Birthday Abg Mal..ayang....~ Love u and my pray will always be with you for ya success. Moga di panjangkan umur and murahkan Rezeki.aminnn~ ^_^ 
surpriseeeeeeee~ lol. mungkin x surprise sgt...but ..ehem* effort tu ada la kan... (budget nk berangan2 dlm bilik try and error tied up my so called turban..end up got this tiny lil idea...*catchy* might be small to someone..but i guess if it to someone special its such HUGEE effort! ^_^..heee)


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