Monday, February 20, 2012

year 2011...productive and prosperity year of me.

how do i began my kind story of year 2011. basically is all about LOVE, love and love.....haha...sounds so boring je my life ni if it is all about that one thing called love.

to be specific, alhamdulillah i'm getting to where my direction had directed me so far. im pretty much follow then flow kind of people but i've come to certain stage where by i take things lightly and of course wisely. well...seriously i can say that it is true the best teacher to us is our own experience.....not to say that i got a lot of experience but u know everyone pon ada je experience dia sendri but how oneself take it toward their life in moving forward to much more better them...rite?

let me start about work..cos dah rasa i'm married to my own job je...below ar the scenario i've been facing thro my days of work at redberry media wherr category yg stock pas 7 years pon the memoriesmus still fresh on my mind...hooefully la kan i'm still

1. silap paham ni ngan teman sekerja aku...i mean i know her personally as a fwen, and a colleague to my ntah pape life ni kan..stok gado sampai x bertegur smua ni...for me i make a distance just nak redakan keadaan ala2 berombak tu kan....pompuan ni..oppss..alamak dh terkluar plak gender dia kan...ya ya..dia seorang gadis...skali tgk cam ala2 sombong suke usha org semacam and cam baguss je muke dia...but lek dulu..kite jgn judge luaran je !sumpah la sampai dpt cucu pon kite ley lagi kire pakai jari bape byk kwn kite ada kan.hahahaa....and aku bkn la org cam tu....benda2 cam ni its just a minor things and i dont really make them store i my cluttered mind. >_< so bye2 this kinda interruption..and still welcome friendship with her but seriously i gotta say..i kena batas kan pergaulan. to me she put shitz on my life is a sign that i should jaga2 in my future undertaking.

2. RELATIONSHIP! gosh! everybody pon seems to end up their bujang llife wt their partner....when is my turn..i wonder.ok better stop here cos seriously...benda2 cam ni i always serahkan pada yg Maha Mengetahui...for me to take charge is the part of my OWN EFFORT. buat sekadar yg termampu..yg lain terserah~ klo ada jodoh tu ado la....but of course deep inside me i just want to hv my own family with beautiful kids...*berangan* i better start do my check list..remind me in the years to come that...HELLOOOOOO UR ARE AGING Ms LINDA ROOS...*sepak2 depan cermin* mind always said i'm old by my heart always remain young...still suke pd benda cute2...gank and quarrel wt my niece and nephew..hahaha..thats just me! Nway, to those my close friends...CONGRATS la sape yg yg dh berkawin...and thanks making me one of ya bridemaid...tu ke la status yg plg jauh aku ley pegang...status kawin and jd isteri org ngan sah cam....hmm....x der pon npk sign2 dia...mama ckp, seorang laki yg boley npk a true value of a girl as wife is actually the one for us! meaning? sesape je ek yg tetibe melamar kite tu dia yg THE ONE ek? urghh... *confused* cos ape yg aku rasa is cam ne pon..i just love to wait for my prince charming come and propose ..x pandai la nak cari2 ni. BF yg ada pon yg terbaik skang ni and we starts to talk on our futre lately *suke* :) (maybe x der yg memaksa lg aku ni...tu la take it easy) pressure at Yang seharusnyer...just bykkan doa mudah-mudahan dipertemukan ngan jodoh yg sekufu. amin!

3.  CAREER!! Pretty much Success in certain point....Lagi besar nak mengorak langkah aku ni di tahun yg akan dtg! more mission to accomplish insyallah rezeki di murahkan lagi. kesimpulan nyer...Alhamdulillah aje la ape yg ada ni but still fight for more and moreeee....$$$$

4. FAMILY: Ya ampunnnn.......lamaaaaa x spend time wt family like rally2 spend time. for the past one year when i started my new career ni, i gotta juggle wt life just to make myself in a stable zone as before. U know changing career baru aku tau..bkn nyer pk sbb money..its all about time indeed. How details i tell here in my post x sama cam ape yg i hadapi..i mean..u guys out there kena experience by ya won if u guys now dh dlm comfort zone in ya own career just like i had last time....bile tukar keja..MasyAllah~ tuhan je la tau....leteyyyyy and worries all da time. Sebaik la i managed to go through hustles...Sujud syukur la aku sentiasa ni~ guess what..there is  a new edition in ROOS's famil soon... now my sis in her 9months..anytime its her due time...yay! BABY lagiii......=) *LOVE*

Lastly, pada smua rakan2..kenalan yg aku kenal secara kasar atau  just jeling2 je ke ape...SLAMAT TAHUN BARU..... ikhlas from me i've to say that all my mistakes or wrong doing in all this year yg sengaja or x sengaja pls pls pls...forgive me. From the bottom of my heart i will forgive the same regardless if u guys wont forgive me ... :p bkn kena byr pon cuma kena ikhlas jew =)

SLAMAT TAHUN BARU, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May this coming year bring joy and more prosperity to ya life and family. God Bless us all. amin~

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