Monday, February 27, 2012

Video Bloggin begin~

ok! for this post..this is my 1st tme youtubing myself to have a liil changing in my blogging way.hehe...Basicallay i"m stuck wt this crazy emotional over certain things such as..boyfriend going far from me as he gotta based in Melaka while i working in roughly looks like we will be seeing each other once a month...tu pon if happen la. but we will always keep in touch via BBM and phone calls.

sure you all cam terglak kan cos my bf actually go to melaka overseas...but guess what..if you guys happen to be madly in love and the feeling is too tied up...partner gi jalan ke toiler sebelah pon serious rasa jauhhhhhhh je...hehe... well...basically how we deal wt it. LONG DISTANCE RELATION without any official bond and tie up..surely..emotional will be totally out of mind >_<. haih~ what to do...i gotta agree wt this orang2 tua ckp.. 'pengorbanan satu penyekasaan'. Eat that!

you guy out there who happen deal wt this kinda situation, pls respond!~ i really reallyy appreciate it :) it will help me in some ways...probably moral support for me to believes in TRUE LOVE..not fairy tale love aite;) hehe

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