Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Travel log 1: BALI- Paradise Vacation

Where should i begin..hmm..After a long waits finally is the day i'm getting ready for my Bali Vacation with friends. Character dlm 1st travel log 2010 was Me, Shara, Leen, Pian, Batman, and Noya. Watak yg cancel last minute was Sikin (sian dia x dpt cuti dr boss dia..rugi tul tix).

Shara & Me Leen & Me

As for me, shara and pian made a deal nak jumpe kat KL Sentral then we go together by Air Asia Bus to LCCT. But i asked my mom to send me straight to LCCT. Shara was the one convience me that taking a bus is more convinience. So we agreed to take bus instead. We set a time to meet @ 12.00 senget2 la..biasa la kan janji melayu. So, on friday tu i'm not working. Pack my stuffs..2 piece is a MUST! and tadaaaaaaa...i'm so semangat ni nak ke BALI. Padahal i did went with my family b4. well..i can sense its gonna be totally different if going with F.R.I.E.N.D.S!huhu. So, there i was at KL Sentral nak jumpe shara since dia dah sampai dulu. Slaloo nyer minah ni le lembab..(sejak bile la plak character dia ni dah di upgrade). Nway...si pian x sampai lg. So shara estimate time for Pian to get at KL Sentral by 12.30..gave him a chance for 30mins. The times its up..and we left him ngan slambanyer ajer. Cos si mangkok pian ni x reti nak angkat fon si shara. Punyalah geram..ati dia dah terbakar2 katanyer..i can see the burning rite through her eyes. So, i did iyer kan ajer la nak tinggalkan si pian;) well..i dont wanna repeat the same mistake again....tertinggal flight. And its not gonna happen again with Shara.lol. ok..cite si Leen plak..she informed me that she'll meet us straight kat LCCT. And i'm absolutely ok with it..since i know her pretty well..she's kind of like a 'paris hilton'. haha. We wait for Pian to arrive and there we go check in and stuffs. And so the story of our journey begin....
In the flightwe managed to sitted all 3 girls 2gether. Just pian sitted one row infront of us. And guess what he got the whole row for him self. I was really tired tot of sleeping through out the journey but end up talking and laughing..and for sure ader je nak menganjing and mengayam-ayamkan org.LoL. Knowing me and my fwens its a normal thing pon. And shara, a cilik girl that doesn't even know how to shut her mouth up, ader je benda nak di ckp and gossip about. Suddently this peramugari bg la arrival and depature card that we all have to fill in our details and stuffs. I'm kind of in my rajin mood nak tulis even thou we like miles away(think is like another 2 hours to go kot)...still...i wanted to complete it earlier. I was buzzing Shara non-stop for PEN..haha. Dia punya tension bg pen and so fill kan dia nyer borang skali..then Leen pon samatrus je letak form dia tu on my table! I'm like...ishhh....well..someone have to be mummy here if my fwens smua stok mengada and keanak-anakkan! fair enuff i guess..so..i tulis la smua details..1st for Shara. Till suddently i have this lil devil in me starts to do something crazie...So detail shara smua i filled in the same as in the pastport..the thing when it comes to 'occupation' dengan sengaja nyer aku tulis occupation tuk Shara was...'Mengira Bulu Kambing'! then aku usha la dua ekor yg sibuk bergossip sebelah aku ni..si leen dah cam paham la plak aku ni..and she knows that i've planned something. So, Leen usha la kat form si shara tu.....and Leen laugh llike hell!!!!!!hahahahahaha...LoL8x . Sorry Shara, u just got 1 from me..and there will be more to come;)So..yang leen nyer plak..aku buat occupation for her is 'Doktor haiwan'
Then aku terasa nak ke toilet la plak...i think i've been to the washroom quite long that makes this 2 phychos have made a crazie prank to prank me up! well..nearly there girls...but not 100% i've been pranked!huahua...they both set a plan involve some guy in the plane. Good looking guy instead. Oh pls...prank me using cute looking guy aint no my style at all,thou. So, they both made uup stories saying that the guy came to shara while i'm in the toilet..but they all feel really bad cos laugh at that guy after hear his voice..mamat tu dikatakan SENGAU. He hitted on shara saying something like this..'eh..awk ni thomel la' (buat ngan suara sengau)! obviously i laugh like hell....and what they wanted me to do was try to apologize on behalf of them..and it supposed to be done when we had landed in Bali. But their plan went wrong when i actully talk to that guy on the plane....hahahaha...when i talk to that guy and i asked him da same question twice just to hear his SENGAUNESS...but after a while i realiazed that he doesnt even sounded sengau at all..this must be part of their plan to kena kan i! hahahhahahaa....bengong la kwn2 aku ni....ni la buat aku syg sgt kat dorank ni..well..good try nway. But pls pls pls....try harder k=)

To be continue........

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