Monday, February 15, 2010

Travel log 1[b]: BALI- Paradise Vacation

Ni smua Fresh lg..semangat tul masing Berangan jd Mermaid katanyer...

Our 1st activity at Bali was went for WATER SPORT!There are lots of packages for Water Sports but we managed to get a good deal..after like an hour bargain the price that they offer us.Bley blah minah yg in charge tu agak kerek la....but seriously u messed we a wrong person la...and we all siap menganjing minah ni. Si Shara ngan sombunk nyer bargain price package yg dia offer kat we all..she went something like this...

Fitting Diving Suit:)

Shara: We nak 3 sports for 500k rupiah!
Dewi (nama minah incharge): mana bisa embak...klo di kira2..emank nya diving udah 700k rupiah.
Shara+ Me+Leen: Hoiii...Gile Apeee??!
Dewi: iya..benar sih!
Shara: ahh..x der..x nak we all x nak la main...
Dewi: ok..yg benar nyer..brapa yg embak mahu?
Kami Bertiga: 500k untuk 3 sport
Dewi: nggak...aku pasti bunkrup! klo bos tau pasti di buang keja...
Kami beriga: ngak lah....plss Dewi..pls...Dewii (merayu2)....then what we did..Dewiiii..engkau lah
idupku...aku cinta pd mu sampai mati...(haha...trus masok lagu dewa weii) LoL.
there we went had a great deal..500k Rupiah dor 2 games with camera supplied during DIVING!we really happy to the la smua 1st time ni nka gi dive..accept for leen and pian...sepanjang bargain2 tu teka la sape je yg DIAM??? harus la si PIAN kannnnn

We played water sport at the clear water of Nusa Dua Beach. We also experienced the thrill of their most porpular marine activities which is the Fly Fish..(x der kat malaysia ok). Sad thing is we all dont have any pictures of we playing this awesome thng! ;( but well...its all good and still fresh in my mind,thou...if u guys ckp we all tipu its ok..we proud that we expereinced it! hahahah...

This how we look after we played the water sports! a VERY SATISFIED MOMENT!!

Next we had a photo sesion somewhere at Nusa Dua town..well..actually a place that we found it interesting on our way to kecak2 dance place. We asked Agus to stop just to captures some pictures on balinese monumen...nak npk kan la element bali konon. But we end up bergambar sakan...bkn we all..ngan pak supir kita pon turut serta..aku tgk si Agus ni..dlm hari cam ckp le..aikk...sape tourist skang ni kan....bley thn gak la bergaya-gaya kan! We ok je...asal org tu agak ting tong..we all layan kakn aje.hahahaha...
Then we heading to Kecak2 and Fire dance(stage drama) which based on Ramayana. an acient Indian epic. It's does not use gamelan or any instrumental at all, many half-naked men form a circle singing out loud "cak,cak,cak..kecak' (oowhh...thats how the name of the dance came about..cehh) unision at open stage of Batubulan. It was a great and interesting performanced that portray their believes and their unique culture...kinda scary pon ader gak! nak2 rhe time when we all watch was raining cats and dogs...the surrounding a lil bit gloomy but the fire light up everything! Surround was really nice..and after performance me and leen sempat le took pictures with dance i learn few steps skit..Ada ati tu nak jd part of the. Dreammm On girl! hahaha

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