Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my current focusing project. The KL ROCK FESTIVAL 2010. This BIG events gonna happen on 28-30th May 2010. Its gonna be a HUGE EVER MUSIC EVENT of the year..i guess. I can sense it! I happen to know the organizer through a friend of mine. He contacted me few weeks ago and did send me the whole concept proposal of this event. I run through the proposal i find it its such an interesting event. After all, i'm a person with a music and melodic soul. And this is soooOoo my called=)

As i went through and been briefed by Shamsul, Producer KLRF, he cracked his and his team out of them self to bring such a great line ups of ROCKSTARS from all over the world just to make the best entertainment ever to cater for our local ROCK FANS as well as the tourists who happen to enjoy our country with lots of unique and colorful celebrations. According to him, this is not gonna be a one off event but this is a 1st Rock Fest and there will be another round in following years to come. slowly i can see the industry will become even more bigger. But what about the people in our own music industry? will they be the same in supporting it or they still closed minded bout the whole idea that these young talented team try to deliver?? would they? the answer is the result to the event it self..we wait and see....=) And rite now..i'm so eager to make my very own proposal to proposed to them what the BEST MEDIA PRIMA can offer them as their MEDIA PARTNER! The dateline to be shown the whole thing to them is ONE FREAKING WEEK FROM NOW! huhu....

kita mulakan dgn Bismillahirahmanirahim dulu ye.....................hehe. Amin!

This is the lineups as for now..(found it on9 while i'm doing my lil research)


  1. thanks! u too..keep on rockin in this world..and dont forget to catch 1st ever Rock Fest in malaysis=)