Saturday, February 13, 2010

Travel log 1[a]: BALI- Paradise Vacation


7pm senget2 we arrived at Denpasar, Bali Airport! 4 of us was the last passenger went out from the plane. Take our on sweet time. Kluar je plane smua change into 'kelam kelibut' mood lead by our main character, Shara! perhh..macam nak roboh la airport Bali tu bila si shara ni jejak je kat bumi Bali.haha. Yang si Leen or better known as 'Ratu Camera', i can say every inch or few steps definetely she will posing and SNAP SNAP! and for me...of course join the club skali la. Pian i can say...he kind of like a Voice of Minority nyer character..what he did was layan kan je we 3 'kelam kelibut' ni and doesn't say much...the worst thing yg serious sampai skang aku x paham is..HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE expression at all. serious wa tak tau bile dia marah,sedey,gumbira or even stress.....pening gak la tgk dia. Tp x pe..thats his character..UNIQUE sgt kan kan..(im trying to be positive here).haha.... I'm more like an observer in every situation. Thats is so my character..and at the same time the one who always with her crazie ideas..bila dah combine ngan shara and leen..x cam caca marba plak kan. Lucky to have one charater like Pian just to natural kan keadaan. hahaha...

Our 1st posed @ Bali..Barongan Statue

As we step down the escalator towards the arrival counter, we saw Barongan (Bali Icon statue). 3 of us, Me, Shara, and Leen ran towards the sculpture gave the camera to pian and we strike a posed! tadaaaaaa....ader la dlm 30 posing ntah ape2 we all snap, suddenly shara was saying...'wei gile, pak supir tunggu lama kat luar tu'! Ok...she was reffering to us....'wei gile'...i'm like helloooo...who's the one yg sibuk nak bergambar-gambar sakan ngan patong barong tu kan. 2 3 posed x pe klo bley cam nak siap berkenalan lah ngan patung tu. haha. Nape x bwk je blk kan?? lol. Then we all gi le ke counter...but at the same time si Leen nak ke Kamar Kecil i went to the wash room with Leen while shara and pian Q up. Everything went well and we finally out to the BALI PARADISE WORLD!!!! yehaaaaaaaaaa....woot woot* From far we can see our Pak Supir carry a card board written ' WONDER PETS'...and that 'wonder pets' referring to us.haha...Shara who's the one came out with that NAME to be shown on Pak supir card board!! seriously..wa tgk tu dr jauh dah glak sakan dah....what an welcome opening for all of us. Org slaloo dpt welcome drink but we been threat with our own freaking jokes! its pretty funny kot.........mangkuk la si shara ni! oh ya..our pak supir name is Pak di bilang gak usah ber'pak2'..di panggil nyer aja 'AGUS'! Time Agus dok introduce nyer shara ni bising la nak soh amik pic sambil Agus show the card board...she wanna capture the moment when Agus actually waited for us with the wonder pets sign..The funny part was when shara asked Agus to raised up the card board for us to take picture of it but all Agus did is..'kamu nunggu disini aja ya..mobil nya di ambil dulu'...then shara keep bugging him 'angkat la board td tu'..and Agus ngan muka Jujur dia tunggu ya tunggu ya( sambil angguk2)...dia pon kelam kelibut gak ke cam kita ni! Bagus le tu.....sekapal la kita nanti. then he went to take his SUZUKI MPV:) itu le kenderaan we all kat sana...class tak? It was a good package...good vehicle condition together with a very friendly and resourceful driver. Thats what all we needed! BravOoo...VroOmmmm!

(Above) Me and leen about to enjoy our food! look delicious;)

We all smua went to hotel to check in before we went out for our 1st dinner @ Bali. We had our dinner somewhere round Kuta..serious i forget the name of the restaurant but what we wanted to eat was Nasi Sunda. It something similar as Ayam Penyet but obviously the Nasi Sunda much more 'enak banget'! Agus brought us to a fantastic place to dine. We dine at the gazebo round that lil restaurant and it is so cozy and chilling. I had Nasi Sunda(Daging) + Es Gumbira..same goes to others. While Agus ngah sibuk le cari Sim card indo for me and Leen...actually we both paksa dia cari cos we need to called our parents just to inform we safely arrived! And part of that sure le nak update org2 yg terdekat also ^_^ lol.

This is the place we had our dinner...been well entertained and we enjoyed it so much!

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